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@brandon Time to get a Pixel and start using GrapheneOS. 👍

@jonah This is awesome! I’m curious, what is your thoughts on LRBY?

@jsalvador 15 out of 18 games on my wishlist are on sale. I might be in trouble... lol


Congrats on 20.04! I had to chip in on such an awesome distro.

@brandon Yikes, Google search 🤢

I have been using Ecosia.org, you turn of your adblock and they show you one ad at the top. They use this ad money to grow trees all over the world.

Easy to think its BS but they're a B-Corp and have to do a monthly financial report to prove where the money goes.

Their privacy policy is alright and they use Bing results for the most part.

@vinzv @kde Please update on how KDE Big Screen goes. Looking to do this soon.

@butterfly I traded in my 2016 Honda Civic for it. Took the money from that as the down payment so I didn’t pull any cash from my bank. I usually don’t buy new but Priuses have good reliability so why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I bought a brand new Prius!

- Amazing Reliability
- Over 50 MPG
- Roomy

What I am adding to it..

- Dash Cam
- WeatherTech Liners
- Tinted Windows
- Window Rain Guards

The worst thing about leg day is cleaning up all of the 45s after deadlifts lol

I wanted to share my process on how I try to find unbiased factual news. I don’t wish to discuss politics. That's not what this post is about. Please let me know if this helped you.


No video but I just did 4 sets of 4 reps at 275lbs for my squats. Felt super good with the new knee sleeves. Can’t wait to see how they will feel during my deadlifts this Saturday.

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