@lnx I'm in the process of deleting my Facebook and Instagram. I would love to point my family and friends to a privacy respecting social media platform. I have tried Minds but MeWe seems more like a replacement for Facebook. Try it and let me know what you think. The CEO is super critical against platforms like Facebook.

What is everyone's thoughts on MeWe and Minds as a Facebook replacement?

@TheMainOne Do you know when Brave moves to the main repo? I didn't even know there was a beta repo for Flathub.

Please stop getting your news from Fox News and CNN. I have recently updated how I find factual, unbiased news sources. Please take some time to read my process.


I'm at 3x365lbs on my trap bar farmers walk. This is by far my favorite lift. My goal is my body weight in each hand, so 440lbs, by the end of the year.

Squatting 3x3 at 315lbs, super happy with this! Now time to build up to 405lbs.

My deadlift is back to 4x405lbs and my squat is at 4x315lbs. I'm pulling more weight then before the COVID break.

Dream Troll - Mons Ominosus

@brandon The wrong form, stressful or not, can really mess you up. You live and learn!

@Gina @brandon Its funny, search random exercise and you'll find demo pics with awful form... wth

I spend +10 hours a day at a computer. I know that keyboard is spendy but anything you use that much, you shouldn’t cheap out on. I do like the Sculpt though. I use a standing desk and take hourly walks which helps. My chiropractor noticed my back straightening out because I have been standing more. I don't have any wrist pain. I follow this as well.


@brandon No, I don’t compete. I injured my wrist and elbow from doing heavy weight incline dumbbell press. If you do any chest press, go down to 90 degrees in your elbow. Any lower and you risk pulling something. Pic attached is an example of what not to do. I now wear wrist wraps while doing these.

@brandon I use a really nice split keyboard and vertical mouse, just to fight off the chance of RSI. I messed up my wrist pretty bad while lifting and had to go to the physical therapist. Ever since then I've been pretty cautious.



Pre-Covid lockdown, I could do 4x4-8 reps of 405lbs on my trap bar deadlift.

During the lockdown, I only had access to dumbbells. I knew my deadlift would be hurting.

My first week back I could only do one, 4 rep set of 365lbs. I couldn't even lift 405lbs off the ground.

Last Saturday, I got a rep (and a half) of 405lb, WE'RE BACK!

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-Privacy and Security & OSINT Podcast
-Late Night Linux
-DLN & DLN Xtend
-2.5 Admins
-The New Show
-SUdo Show

@brandon Time to get a Pixel and start using GrapheneOS. 👍

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