Congrats on 20.04! I had to chip in on such an awesome distro.

I bought a brand new Prius!

- Amazing Reliability
- Over 50 MPG
- Roomy

What I am adding to it..

- Dash Cam
- WeatherTech Liners
- Tinted Windows
- Window Rain Guards

The worst thing about leg day is cleaning up all of the 45s after deadlifts lol

No video but I just did 4 sets of 4 reps at 275lbs for my squats. Felt super good with the new knee sleeves. Can’t wait to see how they will feel during my deadlifts this Saturday.

I did a thing! 4 reps of 405lb! I'm going to wait until my knee sleeves come in before I go any heavier.

I am pretty happy with my desk setup at work.

Up on the wall
- Vegas Golden Knights Flag
- Horse the band poster
- Father’s Day Card from my Son
- Vegas painting from my Mom

On the desk
- Kinesis Split Keyboard
- System76 laptop with Ubuntu
- Chemex setup
- Focal Elegia Headphones

I found an old picture of the guys and myself on the 60mm mortar. I am all the way to the right.

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