RSI is the first time I'm running up against my own mortality, and it's frightening

@brandon I use a really nice split keyboard and vertical mouse, just to fight off the chance of RSI. I messed up my wrist pretty bad while lifting and had to go to the physical therapist. Ever since then I've been pretty cautious.

@kylejj that looks like a really nice keyboard, but it's just a little bit outside my price range, I'm gonna be opting for the Microsoft sculpt


I spend +10 hours a day at a computer. I know that keyboard is spendy but anything you use that much, you shouldn’t cheap out on. I do like the Sculpt though. I use a standing desk and take hourly walks which helps. My chiropractor noticed my back straightening out because I have been standing more. I don't have any wrist pain. I follow this as well.

@kylejj thankfully I already follow that, I actually recently got a standing desk due to the pandemic, how much do you think the standing portion would help with the wrists specifically

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