What is everyone's thoughts on MeWe and Minds as a Facebook replacement?

Please stop getting your news from Fox News and CNN. I have recently updated how I find factual, unbiased news sources. Please take some time to read my process.


I'm at 3x365lbs on my trap bar farmers walk. This is by far my favorite lift. My goal is my body weight in each hand, so 440lbs, by the end of the year.

Squatting 3x3 at 315lbs, super happy with this! Now time to build up to 405lbs.

My deadlift is back to 4x405lbs and my squat is at 4x315lbs. I'm pulling more weight then before the COVID break.

Dream Troll - Mons Ominosus

Pre-Covid lockdown, I could do 4x4-8 reps of 405lbs on my trap bar deadlift.

During the lockdown, I only had access to dumbbells. I knew my deadlift would be hurting.

My first week back I could only do one, 4 rep set of 365lbs. I couldn't even lift 405lbs off the ground.

Last Saturday, I got a rep (and a half) of 405lb, WE'RE BACK!


Congrats on 20.04! I had to chip in on such an awesome distro.

I bought a brand new Prius!

- Amazing Reliability
- Over 50 MPG
- Roomy

What I am adding to it..

- Dash Cam
- WeatherTech Liners
- Tinted Windows
- Window Rain Guards

The worst thing about leg day is cleaning up all of the 45s after deadlifts lol

I wanted to share my process on how I try to find unbiased factual news. I don’t wish to discuss politics. That's not what this post is about. Please let me know if this helped you.


No video but I just did 4 sets of 4 reps at 275lbs for my squats. Felt super good with the new knee sleeves. Can’t wait to see how they will feel during my deadlifts this Saturday.

I did a thing! 4 reps of 405lb! I'm going to wait until my knee sleeves come in before I go any heavier.

I am pretty happy with my desk setup at work.

Up on the wall
- Vegas Golden Knights Flag
- Horse the band poster
- Father’s Day Card from my Son
- Vegas painting from my Mom

On the desk
- Kinesis Split Keyboard
- System76 laptop with Ubuntu
- Chemex setup
- Focal Elegia Headphones

I found an old picture of the guys and myself on the 60mm mortar. I am all the way to the right.

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