Tell me what you think of this new product idea..
You upload all your contact details, business contacts, and work history. Your contacts upload their contact details and work history as well. They cannot see your contact information, and you cannot see theirs. You must only communicate through our platform now. We then mine all this data including your communications and use it to predict futures and sell it to recruiters, marketers, and employers. The new product will be called ;)

One of the wonderful side affects of de-googling and privatizing my digital life is that robots no longer tell me what to read, watch, listen, and buy. Now I choose and seek out what I want. Liberation!

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@joshbdoc @krock @flockingbird wow this is pretty interesting! Thanks for the recommendation; just followed them and reading their blog now. :) left LinkedIn last year but would still like to have some kind of professional network without everything being catalogued by search engines and big corps - looks like Flockingbird might be the answer!

Many clouds in the sky is beautiful. When they coalesce into megaclouds, run for cover.โ›ˆ๏ธ

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Unused is not benign: it metastasizes into rage, grief, shame, & judgment.
- @BreneBrown

Every being is creative, and we have the capacity, maybe even the responsibility, to infuse our creative energy into whatever we do. ๐Ÿš€

Before giving online data, I ask myself:
1. What am I providing?
2. Who can see it?
3. What can they do with it?
When in doubt, don't let it out.

I am writing a report about the infosec risks with my companies' SAAS CRM provider moving its data center to Google Cloud. I am looking for good technical resources that can explain how the metadata could be used by Google to game us and other companies using this CRM solution. Please send me any relevant docs or your own ideas.

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Absolutely insane. Almost 180 views on my Firefox Hardening Guide, near 190 on my Discord post, and almost 600 on my Ungoogled Chromium guide! That is so crazy to me, thank you all so much. More posts coming soon.

Leave suggestions in the comments of what you'd like to see next and I might make a post about it!

With a Linux system and hardened privacy settings on Firefox, I seem to have a unique fingerprint that I can't seem to make more general. I screwed up and logged into Zuckbook to provide some disinformation and I now realize I should have done that with a dedicated browser. I want to stay on Firefox.If I have some other people logon to Zuckbook with my browser, do you think that might confuse their identity management?

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I just set up my first server ever! Went with Nextcloud for some file sharing. I had to go to YouTube looking for a walk-through but I got it running as its own appliance. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Now to get it accessible externally...

What is the federated alternative to Linkedin?

I have settled on 'Encrypt of Get Flipped' with a succinct explanation you are welcome to copy.

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Encrypt or be/get ripped, nipped..
I am trying to come up with a catchy slogan to use in footers of my communications that sticks in peoples' heads. Respond with any and all wacky or not phrases.

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