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Note: depending you where you are, you may get a different IP for I got one registered for DDOS-GUARD in Belize and admin contact in Ecuador. Reverse DNS however always points to which has registration in Moscow.

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Calibre store plugin 

Check out the Calibre store plugin!

Plugin for Calibre 0.8 or later, to use The Anarchist Library as store. With it you can search and download books directly from calibre.

The plugin is written by meskio and maintained by ibu and bodem.

This is serious. Please boost and answer. Thanks

Covid-19 vaccination passports are on their way. If and when they are made mandatory. Will you take the vaccine.


#covid #vaccine #vaccination #forcedvaccination

@kravietz Nie wiem, ale Ci wierzę, bo nie jesteś elitą. Ja uczyłem się fizyki kwantowej od bardzo szanowanego fizyka Deepaka Czopry i tam chyba było coś o pranicznej energii, to chyba, powstaje w wyniku kawitacji w bębnie pralki podczas prania.

Cieszy mnie to, że w Internecie losowe osoby mogą okrywać prawdę o świecie i dzielić się swoją wiedza, bez pośrednictwa establiszmentu, który przemilcza te tematy.

Exactly why we set up our privacy DNS service, available to anyone via DNS-over-HTTPS. Read more:


Governmental agencies are standardising on ad blockers because adtech is too much of a malware vector (it also makes it easy to spy on users).

How long before this is expected of CISOs in business too? How about we fix this before it's too late?


This thread by Zooko is worth reading to consider just how much we depend on a *single* institution to keep most contemporary cultural production alive. Yet much is *not* archived (eg YouTube!)

The fediverse has not yet done better, but could (I left a rant here:)

@rf Авиасэйлс как всегда затащил (а Внуково нет).

Open hardware and open source software for low cost device which measures air pollution in most polluted country in the world, Serbia. You can see product "climerco" and people behind it here:

Iz Srbije si i zelis da ucestvujes u mapiranju zagadjenja? Mozes da se prijavis na ovoj formi:

Vise o organizaciji ovde:

Which is better for privacy? Signal or Matrix?

Matrix Pros:
Open protocol
E2E keys stored on device by default (not on homeserver)
Federated/decentralized like #mastodon so no single point of failure/control by outside influences.
Authenticated sessions
Open source server (to my knowledge)

Matrix Cons:
Fewer users compared to signal (my guess)
Learning curve (user must understand how to use e2e, auth sessions, on-device backups properly)
More? Maybe few full featured clients.

Signal Pros:
Simple to setup
Larger user base
More well known
E2e encryption
Open source app

Signal Cons:
Requires phone number
Central point of failure/control
Registration lock and PIN may be uploading more data to signal servers than user is led to believe (unproven by me)
Closed source server (to my knowledge)

Would love comments on this.
#signal #matrix #opensource #privacy #encryption
Boosts appreciated.

@GNUxeava To be clear I added this all up and they’re asking for a total of:

18,560 CPU cores
122,880 GB RAM
960 TB disk

What the fuck.

It's truly an impressive engineering achievement to make Word documents look differently in different versions of their own software after so many years... 🤦‍♂️

P.S. penetration testing reports written in "corporate templates" should be charged extra for moral harm

When you are Joker, but you are also born in Russia

@kensanata "Why Zuckerberg’s 14-Year Apology Tour Hasn’t Fixed Facebook"

There is no other way to interpret Facebook’s privacy invading moves over the years—even if it’s time to simplify! finally!―as anything other than decisions driven by a combination of self-serving impulses: namely, profit motives, the structural incentives inherent to the company’s business model, and the one-sided ideology of its founders and some executives. All these are forces over which the users themselves have little input, aside from the regular opportunity to grouse through repeated scandals. And even the ideology—a vague philosophy that purports to prize openness and connectivity with little to say about privacy and other values—is one that does not seem to apply to people who run Facebook or work for it. Zuckerberg buys houses surrounding his and tapes over his computer’s camera to preserve his own privacy, and company employees went up in arms when a controversial internal memo that made an argument for growth at all costs was recently leaked to the press—a nonconsensual, surprising, and uncomfortable disclosure of the kind that Facebook has routinely imposed upon its billions of users over the years.

Tufekci, 2018.

#ZeynepTufekci #facebook #MarkZuckerberg #surveillance #privacy #hypocrisy #trust #sincerity #credibility

RT @psicho_vesti
Вот и церковь шагнула в 21 век.

Outlier looks pretty exciting. At first glance it appears to be something like Masterclass but for STEM, plus it counts as actual college credits for anyone in university. basically it is university level courses taught by famous experts in the field.

Also gets some brownie points from me for highlighting Hannah Fry as one of the instructors. She is awesome and has done a lot of great stuff over the years. I got to talk to a her a few times and she helped me out with some problems I was working on once or twice (not through outlier)... so cool they snatched her up. is the link for anyone who wants to check it out.

#Science #Math #Mathematics #learning #elearning @Science @math

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