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Capitalism is quietly erasing the idea of private property. All products are effectively becoming rentals, and the companies can revoke your right to use them whenever they feel like it. It's becoming increasingly difficult to actually own anything. Media is streamed, and devices are locked from the users.

It's hilarious how all the things people were afraid of happening under communism are actually happening under capitalism.

Hi Fediverse 👋

what do you think of this new landing page design? ✨

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If your Linux filesystem throws "No space left on the device" errors but "df -h" shows you still have plenty of space (blocks) it's most likely you've run out of inodes - use "df -i" to confirm and then "du --inodes" to find the culprit

My Internet café - after a hour walking up and down the hill I found a magic spot with decent HSPA access. Altitude 1400 m.

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It starts to be well studied by the academic community, e.g.

And these 3 papers presented by A. Narayanan (Princeton) @random_walker

When we watch TV, our TVs watch us back and track our habits. This practice has exploded recently since it hasn’t faced much public scrutiny...


For the general public to understand it and feel concerned, it will take some time 😕

#surveillance #privacy #freedom #tracking

Holy shit, Samsung Smart TVs straight up send "snippets" of things that you watch back home to "to provide you with customized Smart TV experiences".

Search that page for the text: "Your Smart TV transfers video snippets or TV tuner information in order to determine the programs watched."


<orignal> ну че?
<sculptor> orignal, чё чё. ничё
<sculptor> бездельничаем балдим
<sculptor> кайфуем
<sculptor> гедонизьма и либертинизьма, как говорят в федиверсе
<sculptor> и я в этом знаю толк и далеко не лох в этом

A law that makes it illegal to force a user to register a piece of electronics

"This Christmas approximately 568,000 people, a population equivalent to the state of Wyoming, will mark the holiday in homeless shelters, tent encampments or in the rough, all across the United States"

In 1983 there was a huge panic in UK caused by a increased rate of among children living near on particular nuclear site (Sescale). Media were fast to jump to conclusion, ignoring science which couldn't explain the cause back then, but pointed out similar clusters elsewhere far from any nuclear installations and insisted nuclear is unrelated.

Today we know it was particular infection that caused it and was indeed unrelated.


Transfer GBP to ~28k RUB using TransferWise: 361 GBP (fees included)

The same using BTC: 359 GBP (fees not included)

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