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~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~



A gpg alternative

opmsg is a replacement for gpg which can encrypt/sign/verify your mails or create/verify detached signatures of local files. Even though the opmsg output looks similar, the concept is entirely different.

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"There is no amount of regulation, transparency, or oversight that will fix the dangers inherent in widespread face surveillance. Only a full ban — a federal ban, covering the use of facial recognition by government agencies, in public places, and in public contracts with private entities — can prevent our nightmares from becoming reality."
.onion: bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onion/article

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@DuckDuckGo Just a note about the article. Trustnav is recommended. I took a look at it and it makes a lot of claims on its site that cannot be verified. Not even its ownership structure is clear. Finally, malwarebytes and others have deemed its browser extension to be malicious.

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а есть что-то подобное @rf только для украинцев? :blob_gnikniht:

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@rf Как в русскоязычном Mastodon переводится Toot? Я его давным давно в глагольной форме перевела на украинский как "Дмухнути!" (Дунуть)

@The_ogier In reality, "diehard capitalism" Ayn Rand style is no different from diehard communism USSR style. Both are doomed to fail because reality is not black-and-white. It's definitely the flexibility of hybrid approach that works!

@The_ogier Yeah, the notion that any gov involvement in economy equals diehard socialism is purely US aberration :) Actually, public schools were proposed by the same Adam Smith whom US neocons consider "father of capitalism", and half century before Marx. And his 1st book title was "The theory of moral sentiments", with the "moral" part completely dropped from US theory of capitalism

@supernova @hal9000 ok, this makes a lot of sense then (I imagined some omnipotent trackers embedded in emails...)

@The_ogier but it is effectively capitalist if majority of the companies are private owned, operate on for-profit basis and there's no central planning; that's why I said capitalism is a spectrum, with US and Russia being perhaps the worst examples of it looking from human development point of view

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To protect online #privacy and make #search more transparent, we support #opensource projects like @Nitrokey, @delta, @cryptpad, @manyver_se, @fediversespace and many more. Want to learn more about our open calls and how they help build the #NextGenerationInternet? Join us at the #NGIForum on September 25th! @NGI4eu

@The_ogier I guess all Paris agreement signatories should create a global fund to buy out patents for clean technologies from private researchers and release them to public

@The_ogier what capitalist approach *does* prevent today indeed is transfer of clean technology from high-income countries to low-income countries; the former have invested into it heavily so they now want ROI, but it's like Salk releasing polio vaccine into the public - climate change will impact everyone, including those enjoying thei ROIs

@The_ogier not everything is explained by "reductionism to greed"; growth in lower income countries is energy-intensive but it enables basic living standards which are a prerequisite to environment protection; in high-income parts of the world net emissions of all pollutants (not only CO2) are declining and biodiversity is increasing; you can see this on the OurWorldInData graphs where pollution in China is still slowly inreasing but will soon start falling as it did in EU before

@The_ogier EU countries were able to significantly reduce their CO2 footprint while capitalist USA wasn't; "capitalism" is a extremely broad spectrum

Brave Rewards cannot on ungoogled phones I'm afraid due to heavy usage of Google proprietary SafetyNet

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tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

@hal9000 "With real-time tracking you can know once your email is read" <-- creepy

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Checkout Criptext, it's Signal protocol for emails. Interesting stuff.

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