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As I’m a freelancer, taxes includes gross salary with all charges/taxes normally payed by an employer. Not only the personal income charges/taxes.

My gross salary before taxes is more like 30k €.

Otherwise in Belgium, taxes are crazy. You enter the 40-45% income tax rate so quickly: (That’s why we have one of the highest company car rate by worker: those cars aren’t taxed at all, all good for the commuters even when they don’t need a car.)

@meduz It is indeed very high taxation for very low income levels. In the UK you'd pay 20% up to 50k GBP, only beyond that it becomes much more progressive


So you are effectively taxed at 43% of the income? 😮 That sounds excessive, especially with such level of income.

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California Police Have Been Illegally Sharing License Plate Reader Data | A major audit found that California cops shared data on the movements of millions of drivers without having policies in place, disregarding state law.

@strypey Sure, here's the original article

I imagine the people involved in manufacturing these "remedies" would prefer to buy their "ingredients" fresh, which would explain why alive or freshly slaughtered bats and pangolins could be found in vicinity.

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"That new immune cell carries a never-before-seen receptor which acts like a grappling hook, latching on to most human cancers, while ignoring healthy cells."


How 3'500 years old superstitions* kill 21st century supply chains 😂

* outbreak of Covid-19 is now attributed to transmission from bats to pangolins and then to humans, all of which contacted in absolutely appalling conditions on illegal marketplaces selling poached animals for traditional Chinese medicine

If you sometimes wonder how authoritarian regimes can lie so blatantly, yet find Western audience who will believe it, Malcolm Muggeridge explains in his autobiography "Chronicles of Wasted Time":


1) Internet overlay networks like Yggdrasil.
2) Satellite Internet access
3) Short-distance radio networks
4) Long-distance radio networks

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If you like to make a child's day, fix a flat #bicycle tire in front of an elementary school or kindergarten when parents fetch up their kids and stuff them into their cars.


@mastobikes #cycling

Another idea for easy one-click tips for websites, like Brave, but cross-browser standard

@nikolal Correct, now think who supplies software for engineering :D

"Are bigger populations more innovative? Let's look at a few papers emphasizing the distant past to see what they say."

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