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YouTube is updating their Terms of Service on 10 December, 2019. It presents an awful possibility for the future of creators on the platform. It seems they will be able to terminate your channel if it's "no longer commercially viable."; in other words, wherever they feel like.

@jospanner Well, that's a broader discussion here - most of social media today (FB, Masto) aren't really fit for "proper discussion"... That's why Kialo was created but I don't find it very convenient either even though idea is good.

@jospanner Nobody cares about context on these chats, it's about now and there

@nikolal In 90's I was 17 and worked as an industrial alpinist to save for to travel Dolomites. 10 years earlier they just wouldn't let me go because we were property of the socialist state.

Today at BBC4 I hear about about "job guarantee" in Eastern Germany.

How do we call it, when you are given a job but then your passport is taken, you cannot leave and what you are paid merely allows survival...?

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official profile of a party, which got into parliament this year #plpol


Playing with - now "Jabberwocky" and its Polish translation (absolutely fabulous)

@saper That's a great topic for another presentation ;) Continuous integration can bring tons of added value in terms of security... if it's not artificially confined back into a classic waterfall, just repeated on daily basis ;)

@jospanner Hey Jo! Lots of UK people here, I'm one of them :)

P.S. "gerbils" I had to look up :)

@lazarski > It wouldn’t be acceptable to baldly criticize older people simply for being old

Because it's not fascism when we do it!

Russian TV: "CIA remotely switches off Gazprom pumps purchased in Austria!"

Russian hackers: "CIA remotely switches Russian citizens!"

"15.4% of the 1.3 million Android applications we analyzed, contained security-related code snippets from Stack Overflow. Out of these 97.9% contain at least one insecure code snippet."

@cck Russification has been a policy of the state for long time. About a year ago there were some controversy about reducing mandatory teaching of minority languages in schools in Russia that was passed by Duma.

Five years ago a similar act passed by Ukraine was called "genocide of Russians" and used as a pretext for military intervention...

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Russian indigenous rights group speaks out against ban: An indigenous rights group that advocates for the 270,000 #indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation was banned this week. #russia

@dw Around 1989 I was 13 years old and I was running home to go for student's demonstations and running from cops & tear gas. It was absolutely fantastic feeling of freedom and the commie bastards losing power :)

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**'You should be gassed': What it meant to be punk in East Germany**

"They were outsiders, teenagers, rebelling against confinement. They were despised by citizens loyal to the state, harassed by GDR authorities, and locked up in prison. But being punk also meant freedom."

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