100 years ago on 1 march sailors of Kronstadt started uprising for soviets without bolsheviks. Their uprising was drowned in blood by Lenin and Trotsky (was heading red army against the rebellion). No one forgotten, no one forgiven! #anarchism #kronstadt #rebellion

Been hearing a lot about the evolution of the FF logo, but this was unexpected...

developers want static typing


Note you *can* already have quite powerful type checking in Python using type annotations!


Saved my ass dozens of times...

@themactep Дэвид Дойч мой любимый автор 👍

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Polish journalist arguing with "Stalin-Verstehers" in 1931:

"Western societies widely believe that Red Army only has defensive potential. They basically believe that 'if Red Army soldiers were ordered by Moscow to invade a foreign country country, they would mutiny'. I believe they are wrong."

And he was right 🤷


Oh that for sure. You can be generally anti-nationalist without automatically aligning with any of the tribes.

Regarding Navalny, I accept that he certainly had nationalist episodes but on the spectrum he's not far from Eastern European average, whether we like it or not.


His statements, now interpreted as nationalist, were for example about Chechen government, which is perfectly valid and evidence-based.

Now compare that with Rogozin or Simonyan's "criminal Negroes", both fiercely defended by everyone in the Russian political circles...


So we clearly scanned the same Wikipedia article about Navalny 😂 TBH if you look at these few claims without any presumptions, he doesn't seem to be actually more nationalist than say most Tories in UK.

"Russkiy march" he organised as Yabloko party, there's that footnote where he says no racist slurs are tolerable.

Dislike for Putin is no reason to automatically jump on any bullshit that implies Putin, and this is precisely the case.

The only thing that makes the case of MH17 and Smolensk crash similar is the propaganda techniques of Kremlin and Macierewicz respectively.

In both cases there's a massive body of internally consistent evidence that supports the official version. Both Kremlin and Macierewicz chose to flood the public with inconsistent conspiracies instead.

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Some media in Russia and Ukraine are distributing statements from Polish former minister of defence Antoni Macierewicz about alleged explosion on the Polish 🇵🇱 presidential Tu-154 in April 2010.

The only problem is that Macierewicz has been making these statements since 2010 and *never* produced any actual evidence.

He has been promising a "final report" to be published "very soon"... for the last three years.

t.co/d2a1jQaM4U собрал два миллиона рублей на покупку жестких дисков. На них будут хранить особо редкие раздачи


Источник: twitter.com/meduzaproject/stat


Can you give examples on what you base your assessment of his nationalist views?

Regarding Navalny's alleged nationalist views - as if anyone in Russian gov was genuinely concerned by these... This is Dmitry Rogozin, current director of Roscosmos in a "we'll purge Moscow of garbage" anti-immigrant ad.


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