I re-uploaded the "Unicode: The hero or villain? Input Validation of free-form Unicode text in Web Applications " scitech.video/videos/watch/38b as the previous one hiccuped, perhaps due to broken MP4

There's a nice tool:

systemd-analyze security SERVICE

It looks at and confinement features used by systemd services as documented here freedesktop.org/software/syste

An example for my radvd.service

Just posted my OWASP 2018 presentation on : Unicode: The hero or villain? Input Validation of free-form Unicode text in Web Applications scitech.video/videos/watch/82f

If you follow the discussion about Conversations.im registering with Roscomnadzor you should be probably also aware that Threema.ch did that already in 2017... reestr.rublacklist.net/distrib

Someone from 240e:00f7:c::22 (Chinatelecom) is slowly port scanning my /64 subnet. At the current rate it will take them 116'988'483'471 years to complete but they will reach the first allocated IP in only 80'429'582'386 years. RFC 4941 is your friend.

Conversations.im has just registered with Russian Roscomnadzor which means it has now obligation to provide user details FSB roskomsvoboda.org/48119/ reestr.rublacklist.net/distrib

The new keybase.openpgp.org has a pretty good usage instructions for Enigmail, OpenKeychain, GnuPG etc keys.openpgp.org/about/usage

Someone is actively DoSing GnuPG by adding thousands of signatures through keyserver network. Disable keyservers or switch do keys.openpgp.org gist.github.com/rjhansen/67ab9

If you ever heard a hospital or medical equipment vendor claiming they "cannot patch" their systems "because of certification", this is usually half-truth or just false fda.gov/media/123052/download

A new attack vector on cryptocurrencies relies on remote denial of service attacks facilitated by newly discovered vulnerabilities and the fact that may users do not patch their mining clients, which is caused by a cumbersome upgrade process. Disabling large vulnerable miners hence allows achieving 51% hashing power and double spending. srlabs.de/bites/blockchain_pat

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