Massive anti-Putin protests in now. Most are grim, with beating and arrests. Vladivostok stands out - as police blocked all town center so people moved to a large frozen lake nearby. And started to dance in a circle, a Russian tradition called хоровод. So there came a police boat (that drives on ice) but the engine failed and it stopped. So people started to dance the circle around the boat 😄

UK Intelligence and Security Committee report on very interesting (even though many facts were well-known before)

A UN investigation into atrocities committed in has for the first time accused of direct involvement in war crimes for indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas.

‘A typical racket, simple as that’ Nginx co-founder Maxim Konovalov explains Rambler's litigation against his company, which develops the world’s most popular web-server

A real spy story here, Russia recruited a hitman who murdered a Russian businessman in 2013, gave him a new identity, and then he was arrested in 2019 in Berlin for the murder of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili

The U.S., according to the Casella model, is the biggest investor in the Russian economy, with about $39.2 billion worth of skin in the game. That may explain why U.S. sanctions have never escalated to the point where the Kremlin would have been tempted to expropriate U.S. investors. The same goes for the EU.

If you follow the discussion about registering with Roscomnadzor you should be probably also aware that did that already in 2017... has just registered with Russian Roscomnadzor which means it has now obligation to provide user details FSB

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