Brave Rewards cannot on ungoogled phones I'm afraid due to heavy usage of Google proprietary SafetyNet

Hey @write_as on your Subscribe page could you use Captcha other than Google's Recaptcha? What's the point of federation if we're still feeding all our personal details to Google...

If you follow the discussion about registering with Roscomnadzor you should be probably also aware that did that already in 2017...

Someone from 240e:00f7:c::22 (Chinatelecom) is slowly port scanning my /64 subnet. At the current rate it will take them 116'988'483'471 years to complete but they will reach the first allocated IP in only 80'429'582'386 years. RFC 4941 is your friend. has just registered with Russian Roscomnadzor which means it has now obligation to provide user details FSB

So these are actually the first focused and production ready smartphones that you can buy with warranty etc been using it for almost a year now

Have you seen these misleading marketing practices recently? Now we have a directory of stores using them! webtransparency.cs.princeton.e

"Yet just hours before Zuckerberg reassured investors about Facebook鈥檚 commitment to privacy, his own lawyers argued in court that 鈥渢here is no privacy鈥 on Facebook."

1. Upgrade/install the latest @firefox
2. Go to Preferences > Privacy & Security
3. See websites loading much faster with much lower traffic consumption
And no, websites do not need AMP and other invading crap, they need less tracking & fingerprinting code to work fast

Return on Data is a proposed ROI-like indicator to measure how much users actually get in return for their personal details shared with IT companies

Privacy in the Facebook era - my presentation on privacy-invasive Internet advertising andcountermeasures, from ad-blockers to P2P networks (including Mastodon)

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