If you sometimes wonder how authoritarian regimes can lie so blatantly, yet find Western audience who will believe it, Malcolm Muggeridge explains in his autobiography "Chronicles of Wasted Time":

The world decarbonised faster in 1970s and 1980s than the 2000s and 2010s without really meaning to...

Unfortunately, even largest modern wind and solar deployments provide fraction of energy provided by large-scale hydro and nuclear deployments a few decades ago.

"All need consumer data in order to fuel their businesses (...) relationships, realized through continuously replenished data, are the core asset of their enterprise"


"Mining makes renewable energy generation possible"

Logically, renewable energy generation requires mining...

Video is Russian-only, sorry

Russian TV presented describes social benefits for disabled people recently ratified by the government. Watch her reaction...

Russian-only but here are the facts: out of 1500 RUB (~23 USD):

* 900 RUB (14 USD) can be spent on medicines
* 137 RUB (2.14 USD) on international health resorts
* the rest (463 RUB or 7 USD) on international transport to the resort

If you want your Wazuh alerts delivered to you instantly over Slack-like webhooks, but you want open-source, matrix.org is the way to go

So Australia's Greens energy advisor is all enthusiastic about storage for country's renewable energy... but his estimate is off by just over 10344%

AK-74 in US government building? Looks prophetic :)

"Gun rights activists carrying semi-automatic firearms walk through the Capitol Building on January 31, 2020 in Frankfort, Kentucky."

If you were still thinking that behavioral profiling is not creepy...

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