Playing with - now "Jabberwocky" and its Polish translation (absolutely fabulous)

Russian TV: "CIA remotely switches off Gazprom pumps purchased in Austria!"

Russian hackers: "CIA remotely switches Russian citizens!"

In the UK rental agencies send you these Condensation Information Sheet to help people fight damp and mould in their rented flat... This year I decided I share some useful info with the agency too!

Output from a totally randomly selected Russian seed phrase 😏

Feeding English text to GPT-2 results in boring passages from some random articles used in training, but to Slavic it responds with a wonderful neologisms and intriguing syntax! Here's some Polish classics, also tried Russian.

Меня всегда интриговало слово "урочище", которое я часто встречаю на топо картах. По польски оно тоже есть ("uroczysko"), и также непонятно. Ну вот это как то немного проясняет...

“Citizens! Have yourselves vaccinated against cholera. Death is powerless against vaccination alone!” – Soviet poster from 1920 encouraging vaccination against cholera

In which a Maori beekeeper explains that he doesn't want any unnatural GM modified rats to offend the spirits, while laboriously smoking bees out of their hive to take their honey...

Is the widely advertised "ever growing number of software vulnerabilities" caused mostly by researchers reporting literally *any* trivial bugs just to get a CVE? The number of Lows seems to suggest so... Chart credits to

Looking at the list of websites that registered with the program you can see that publishers *really* are looking for a way out of the pathologic Google oligopoly

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