Spot in the studio 😛 - this is a completely unrelated program by Masha Borzunova, Russian journalist

You can see straight away who was doing some real work down in the cave! (or who didn't wash their oversuit ;)

Certainly, "for something" 😂
If this monument was presented in a liberal art gallery, it would certainly trigger national protests for blasphemy...

"Statue of Pope JP2 carrying a boulder while crossing a red pond filled with carp outside the national museum in Warsaw — allegory for something. (Jan Cieński)"

Ever heard about Milton Friedman, the top liberal economist enumerated in one row with Rand, Mises, Hayek?

Well this is him advocating for carbon tax in 1979.

The problem was not really with Friedman or Hayek, who applied liberal economics to social challenges in quite a pragmatic way (it was Rand and Mises who were indeed dogmatic), it's a problem with today's left and right who never read neither Friedman, nor Marx, and know both from summaries written by demagogues similar to themselves.

It needs to be remembered that many of the silly Russian laws against technology never worked (e.g. Telegram ban) but they certainly caused some disruption, especially at telcos. Now they plan to ban no less than... TLSv1.3 (because ESNI) and DoH/DoT.

Brian Deere's book "The Doctor Who Fooled the World: Science, Deception, and the War on Vaccines" is full of surprises: it explains pseudoscientific and litigating origins not only of the anti-vaccination movement but also gluten free diet and other trends.

"Dear moms, my little daughter has there strange bumps on her back. Is that normal?"

Some people portray photovoltaic panels as something lightweight, ethereal, almost built of pranic energy. In reality, it's a solid piece of machinery with considerable amount of steel, copper, concrete and rare earth metals... I'm all for PV but let's not tell fables...

🇷🇺 Я тут на твитере ввязался в длинный разговор с какими то стариками, любителями СССР. Долго шли категорические заявления "в СССР всё было!", потом я потом как то упомянул "переводной рубль" (было такое), и тут товарищи поступенно вспомнели, расслабились, забылись и пооооехали... 😂

Each of these "instance connectivity" issues results in a cascade of failures of services such as Slack etc.

But yeah, let's move the whole Internet to AWS!

Rhossili cliffs as always beautiful, and by randomly browsing OpenStreetMaps I actually discovered there are caves just around the corner! 🦇

You can feel confidence and widespread national support for Lukashenka in 🤦‍♂️

"Tomorrow is the 68th anniversary of the Night of the Murdered Poets—Stalin’s murder of the members of the Jewish Antifascist Committee. These intellectuals played a key role in organizing political and material resistance again Hitler, especially among Jews." (via Faith Hillis, author of "Utopia's Discontents")

Just starting to read "The Future Earth: A Radical Vision for What's Possible in the Age of Warming" by Eric Holthaus

* What could happen if we reduced carbon emissions by 50 percent in the next decade?
* What could living in a city look like in 2030?
* How could the world operate in 2040, if the proposed Green New Deal created a 100 percent net carbon-free economy in the United States?

1930 news about three families escaping from USSR to Poland to avoid collectivisation

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