Just starting to read "The history of Russian hackers" by Danil Turovsky. Kudos to labirint.ru for blazing fast delivery!

Something fishy going on with the Galileo GNSS navigation system - all production satellites "NOT USABLE", no word of explanation from the operator gsc-europa.eu/system-status/Co

I was positively surprised to receive a payout from Brave Rewards program after registering WebCookies.org around a month ago brave.com/web294 There's no tracking/ad code to install server-side, any earnings come from tips & ads from users of the Brave browser

Have you seen these misleading marketing practices recently? Now we have a directory of stores using them! webtransparency.cs.princeton.e

This "smart-random" is just as random as an electric chair is a chair

Hey, it's only 2019 after all! :) Most railways in my home Poland were electrified like 40 years ago...

So you are a business banking website that boasts about protecting your customer's privacy and promising not no share their data to third-parties outside of EU... and at the same time you load tracking snippets from six different companies on your *transactional* website? Ouch...

1. Upgrade/install the latest @firefox
2. Go to Preferences > Privacy & Security
3. See websites loading much faster with much lower traffic consumption
And no, websites do not need AMP and other invading crap, they need less tracking & fingerprinting code to work fast

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