Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

@kravietz to anyone who didn't already assume this: you were lied to for the umpteenth time, why do you keep believing what they tell you?

@kravietz let us consider that google maps itself, and the location tracking they use, all originated from In-Q-Tel, which both develops things and provides venture / seed funding for cia related projects, and often tries to do so thru secret ownership.

@kravietz that guy really needs to publish this on his OWN WEBSITE rather than bumming off bigtech free services like twatcher

@kravietz Try LineageOS without google services. I highly recommend it.

@M4x @kravietz I've been doing it since 2016. It's a piecemeal process but it will only get harder the longer you wait.
> to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking.
How do these people even can at night ?

@kravietz thanks for sharing this important evidence. This is the Internet Archive of that Twitter page in case someday the tween might be deleted.

The Wayback Machine has not archived that URL.«

Nitter also only shows me something about being rate-limited


@kravietz Reminds me of that Cory Doctorow book with the DRM bread toaster Keurigs. The software developer who works for the company is the expert in DRM circumvention and doesn't understand why anyone wouldn't do it.
>"So there is no way to give a third party app your location and not Google? This doesn't sound like something we should want on the front page of the NYT."


I'm honestly not surprised even #Google employees are flashing custom ROMs without GApps, they're software engineers and other techies after all, they're as #privacy conscious as the rest of us and know better than anyone the extent of Google's tracking.

I personally recommend #GrapheneOS over #LineageOS, that way you get true solid security as well as the privacy of being free from Google.

@aspie4K @kravietz Not even working at fb, just writing a website a decade ago where we integrated with them, opened my eyes to how much info you share with them for others to extract.

@aspie4K @kravietz I wish it was easy to get GrapheneOS, but no Pixel devices are officially sold in my country. I'd rather wait for an eventual build of /e/ or PostMarketOS or Ubuntu Touch or other devices to pop up.

@katakislives @kravietz @aspie4K You could go with a redmi note 7. It supports /e/,Ubuntutouch and sailfishOS. I'll admit that unlocking the bootloader can be quite the process but once done its working good. I've personally installed all three off them and UT and /e/ get an recommendation.


I had /e/ on Redmi Note 4 and similar experiences. But once installed it worked like a charm.

@katakislives @aspie4K

@AaronTheIssueGuy @kravietz @aspie4K Sounds like that might be a possibility! Xiaomi has been officially established here in Chile a few years ago, so hopefully hunting for that Redmi Note 7 isn't that hard!

@katakislives @kravietz @aspie4K If you get one, I reccomend this tool to unlock the bootloader and work with the device its crossplatform.

@kravietz Gotta love how I warned some people that this is probably the case like a year or two ago and was dismissed by "oh it's illegal they wouldn't do that because they'd get fined"

@cwebber @kravietz It's interesting to note that the attorney general is taking action on this. Not all AGs are motivated. Many are deadbeats who only become an AG to pad their CV for another gig, like running for governor. When you complain to those AGs, they might may a record of it but generally don't act. So it's good to know that the AZ AG might be a good office to expose privacy abuses to.

@kravietz thanks, you remind me that I need to setup lineage
@kravietz That's not _quite_ what the quote in the first picture says. It's "not have any contact with any Google service whatsoever" that they recommend LineageOS with microG for (no statement on any party collecting location data or not), and the reason why they do it on their private phone isn't stated either ("heavily modified image, based on LineageOS" sounds like an engineer preferring to tinker with their phone?)

I'm not quite sure what is evidence and what is conclusion in the second picture. If the "Google employee expressing confusion about ..." is the evidence, I don't see that as proof for collecting data, just that this employee has no idea what's going on with location data (and apparently it was hard to find a canonical answer to that question?)

(Full disclosure: I'm a Google employee in some different corner of the company, and I have no insight into that particular issue or debate. I'd prefer more transparency in the form of more open source code in Android though but that's not my call *shrug*)
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