The Western capitalist world admitting that China and Russia might cure cancer and heart problems without their intellectual property monopolism.

Bill Gates - "We can't share vaccines with the Global Poor" The Westest of the West.

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US FINALLY shamed into backing vaccine waivers, & their pharma megacorp shares plummet. If it wasn't for China and Russia & other counter-hegemon embarrassing the West by waiving IP rights early & getting vaccines to poorer countries, US would've kept letting millions die of covid in Global South for CEO billions.

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"The Chinese woman broke up Bill Gates' marriage"
Nah, Bill's a piece of evil racist capitalist billionaire garbage who is terrible at designing schools, 'leading world health', and unsurprisingly, relationships. Nice job jumping into the Sinophobia bandwagon and manufacturing more anti-Asian racist violence, imperialism and for-profit war, though.

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What's next, "The Chinese ate my homework, caused the Nazis, got Trump elected, and do all the police murderings, wildfires, and collapsing economy in US! All China!"

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"I support the Chinese people destroying their country," --Westerner whos never actually talked to a single Chinese person and has no idea what they actually want and need.

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China's Rocket: "Out of control, could land on an innocent neighborhood! look out!"

SpaceX Rocket: "Lands in man's farm. A gift from our Techno-King billionaire god. So cool!"

Elon Musk: "Hey I'm hosting SNL, lol. Buy Doge coin. I'm cool Iron Man IRL haha."

@kravietz @silverspookgames Yeah, that was after Poland told the USSR "Fuck you, we will not allow you onto our land to fight the Nazis" and nixed a Soviet Pact between Poland, the Soviet Union, France, and the UK. Also the Soviet Union's offer very was generous because Poland stole land in the Polish-Soviet War shortly after the Russian Revolution.

It was Poland who chased Stalin to a Non-Agression Pact with the Nazis because Poles have always wrongly feared Russians more than Germans.

Oh and my Great Uncle was a Polish soldier killed in the Polish-Soviet War, so stick your "you don't know what you are talking about" retort you are about to say.

@deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

> we will not allow you onto our land to fight the Nazis

Granted that only in 1920 Soviet Union invaded Poland (and failed) it was rather understandable decision. That would be equivalent with voluntarily accepting Soviet occupation.

> Poland stole land in the Polish-Soviet War

You should really educate yourself about the events after WW1 rather than blindly repeat Soviet and now Kremlin propaganda.

@deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

So just to remind you, there was no Soviet Union in 1917, not in 1920.

There was Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) and a number of countries that regained independence after WW1 and collapse of Russian Empire, including Poland, Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine etc.

RSFSR was pursuing an aggressive military expansion to "bring revolution" to these countries and was only stopped at Warsaw in 1920 when it signed Riga Peace with Poland.

@kravietz @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames sparking revolutions is literally how you get communism genius. Poland was better off under the Soviet Union

@fenix @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

An full-scale military invasion is *not* "sparking revolution", it's full-scale military invasion, genius.

This prompt replication of imperial expansion by Bolshevik was subject to harsh criticism from other communist movements in Russia (SR, anarchists), so Bolsheviks just liquidated them too.

After 1920 defeat they tried to "spark revolution" in neighbouring countries by sabotage and propaganda for all 30's but also failed.

@kravietz @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames yeah because it's hard to spark revolution when bourgeois have people by the balls. Most of those countries were industrialized and feudalism was eliminated thanks to the soviets, but of course there are ignoramuses today who want to simp for feudal lords.

@fenix @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

Recommended reading - first-hand witness testimony from 1920, British communist Bertrand Russell describing his experience with Soviet "communism" after visit in RSFSR.

> The effect of Bolshevism as a revolutionary hope is greater outside Russia than within the Soviet Republic. Grim realities have done much to kill hope among those who are subject to the dictatorship of Moscow.

@fenix @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

Note he wrote all that already in 1920 (!), and predicted collapse of the whole project. It took most communists in the West another 10-15 years to lose illusions, and some less perceptive thinkers like Jean-Paul Sartre still defended Stalinism in 50's.

@kravietz @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames yeah the middle class held those thoughts. That's such whitewashing at it's worst and a privileged perspective at best.

@fenix @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

Russell didn't "have thoughts". Russell physically was in RSFSR in 1920 with a delegation of Western communists, talked to Lenin, spent weeks there and wrote what he saw and heard on the ground.

So I'm sorry but you're the one "having thoughts" here, not Russell.

His account was harshly criticised when he published it. Even though few of his fellow travellers argued with his factual record, they argued he missed "optimism".
He was right, ultimately.

@kravietz @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames holy shit will you just go fuck yourself already? You've made it clear you're a middle class neoliberal and your country is a capitalist shithole. You're why China is winning

@fenix @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

Nobody invited you to comment here, and nobody keeps you here by force. So why won't you just fuck yourself and go away, rather than continuing to whine when I'm pointing out your ignorance? ๐Ÿค”

@fenix @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

> Poland was better off under the Soviet Union

Yes, and this is why they needed to falsify a referendum (1946) and elections (1947), and then suppress mass workers protests breaking out basically every 5 years, until Soviet collapse in 1989.

I don't even mention de-legalisation of the right to strike, but that was a well known feature of Soviet workers' rights package ๐Ÿ˜‚

@fenix @deathtoamerica @silverspookgames

And in "sparking the revolution" in 30's they failed as the border was leaky and anyone who had slightest chance to escape from the "Soviet paradise", escaped so Poland was full of Soviet refugees who had first-hand testimonies on how the life looked like.

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