Leonid Volkov explains what is happening to Navalny organisation after it was declared "extremist" - local branches will stop being "Navalny branches" and become 100% independent political organisations.

I think importance of this transition cannot be overstated - Navalny movement already holds on thousands of local activists, who are very close to the people and highlight issues such as infrastructure, roads, waste management, spatial planning etc.

Decentralisation will give these activists a chance to become much more confident and build their own brands.

Russian society has a strong tendency towards cult of personality. which is exactly how Putin was born, and how Navalny had a strong chance to become another Putin (even if the didn't want to).

In a few years time Putin will not face a single Navalny, but thousands of political activists with their own names and with well-established local networks.

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So far the largest political challenge in Russia was "if not Putin then whom", as Putin has very effectively removed (sometimes physically) any alternatives. "United Russia" became a silly collection of celebrities (welcome Yulia from "Tatu" this year), gangsters and FSB operatives.

Dissolution of Navalny organisation now has a potential to fill this gap by creating thousands of these alternatives, who are already gaining experience in local elections.

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@kravietz the access to tvrain site is paid or by subscription. not the right variant for spreading the information. and it's in Russian, anyway. such things should be translated to English for foreign people to understand what happens in Russia. I saw some foreigners that were misguided by Kremlin propaganda. so this is a sensitive and important information.


This one is indeed in Russian, check and The Moscow Times for English articles

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