"Installation: we recommend that you use Docker."

what I'm supposed to see: "hey, it's a simple one-liner! Such clean install, much wow."

what I actually see: "we couldn't figure out how to install this thing on anything but our own machine, but hey, here is a well-compressed image of our entire disk, use this instead so that we can stop trying"

@ssafar Or maybe package managers and distributing binaries in linux land is fundamentally broken and that's the only way you can guarantee the thing might have half a chance working...

but sure, that doesn't sound as catchy and l33t as "everyone else is incompetent"...

Maybe do half an attempt at understanding the problem space before hating on it next time.



They are not broken. Thousands of apps use shared, distro packaged libraries and survive updates with no issues. There is a class of apps which are poorly written or poorly maintained to depend on one, specific version of library, usually outdated - or even worse, depend on a specific version of JVM (welcome bundled JRE) or interpreters like Ruby or Python.


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@kravietz @ssafar You are clearly not paying attention if you think apps survive updates of their underlying libraries without any problem.

And I am not even getting to distros shipping the same libraries with incompatible apis and different features enabled, let alone different packaging policies...

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