This is so meta… Yesterday I tooted about finishing Snowden's book, and today YouTube is *suddenly* recommending me an interview with him. This never happened before, for any of the topics I toot here…

The only thing that changed, of course, is that a few days ago I started cross-posting my toots to Twitter. This is just a tad beyond my willingness to believe coincidences :-) Hey, #surveillancecapitalism, go F yourself!

(Considering shutting down cross-posting.)

On a purely technical note, I'm not logged into Twitter pretty much ever, and Firefox won't let my YouTube cookies to be read by Twitter and vice versa. Which means that there is some database somewhere holding a relationship between my Twitter account and my YouTube account, made probably ages ago, which I can't make disappear.

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Absolutely there is, that's the infamous Real-Time Bidding (RTB). Each of your page impressions is instantly put on auction with specific keywords and price depending on your purchasing ability.

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