@cjd @kravietz ST (suckless/simple terminal), st.suckless.org

i do love some of the code they (suckless.org) write (because it's very small programs with little dependencies which makes them interesting), but god damn do i hate their elitism (i mean look at the description page for dwm)

@categorille @kravietz
Ok so looks like the same people as harmful.cat-v...
Definitely smart people, but I would argue their attitude is evidence that Dunning-Kruger is more widespread than originally described ;)

@categorille let's cancel them!!!

Btw, "Suckless" means they still suck.Is it really an elitist trait?

DWM support section:
"See the faq for the frequent problems that arise. The next step is to look at the sourcecode and the config.h for obvious names, which could be related to the problem that arose. If that does not help to fix the problem, then there is the #suckless IRC channel and the mailinglist.

If it is your first time using dwm, start with reading the tutorial."

@cjd @kravietz

@hicks @cjd @kravietz hey, sorry that you felt I wronged suckless. I forgot about those sections, because the following passage kind of jumped out at me:

"Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions."

it *is* explicitly elitist and I don't like that rhetoric. As I already mentioned, though, I do appreciate the work they do.

@categorille @hicks @kravietz
What a classy reply, this kind of thing is what makes the fedi so great.

@cjd Be more precise, please?

A team is sharing knowledge, source code and even offer channels for support and we must downplay them because they are not 120% PC ?

I think it is fair to ask a little bit more from the user.

BTW, there are points I don't like about Suckless but those are technicals.

@categorille So litteral...


I went to the mailing list, last message: Response to a first time DWM user:


Check the thread and show me the disgusting behavior.

So yeah, you were quite fast to shoot on a project because of a simple word.



Typically if someone starts a reply with anything like "let's cancel them!!!" I don't continue the conversation because the internet is so big and there are so many trolls that it's just not worth assuming good faith. Hence why "sorry that you felt I wronged" is, I feel, above and beyond the call...

The internet is so big but resources on FOSS are low... so attacking a project because you don't like the pretty inoffensive "style" is really exhausting.

Don't use it or fork it but do not attack.

@categorille @kravietz

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