Market-driven economy is totally fine as long as we're talking about choice in clothing styles and car models. When it comes to things that people depend on, like energy, markets fail. They have done so currently in Texas where its private energy providers were not ready for an emergency:

It never makes business sense to invest resources into managing emergencies. It's much cheaper to just shrug and say "shit happens", as customers have nowhere to go anyway.

Don't worry, capitalism will fix this one too by offering extra cold-weather fees to end consumers that have no realistic alternatives to a company that has devoted itself to squeezing as much money out of a customer as possible without providing anything else than the absolute minimum in return.


@ScumbagDog @isagalaev

"Capitalism" isn't a single closed political system (as opposed to Marxism for example). Sweden, USA, Russia and China are all capitalist, yet totally different.

The reason why I'm talking about it all the time is that if we can't get semantics right, then we can't diagnose problems, and then our solutions (aka "get rid of capitalism") will be ineffective.

@kravietz @ScumbagDog agreed. Unfortunately, tribalism and absolutism are easy, while nuances is hard. Which is why I don't expect meaningless "capitalism" vs. "socialism" arguments to go away any time soon.

(Disclosure: I myself broadly fall into "social democratic" category.)

@isagalaev @ScumbagDog

Same here. And we might also have the same shared experience historically of an *actual* "socialist" economy 😂

It was mostly a jab at the self-proclaimed libertarians that swear by a free, unregulated market to solve any problem regardless of nature but yeah, of course capitalism isn't all terribleness, just like socialism isn't the end-all-be-all. It's about striking a balance for the benefit of real, living people, and not an investment firm on Wall Street.

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