The datafarm PR offensive against The Social Dilemma is well underway. Here's an example, written by Antonio Garcia-Martinez:

Garcia-Martinez wiggles, denies, misrepresents, strawmans, and focuses on trivia. He dismisses datafarm critics as luddite outsiders who don't understand tech, a talking point the film-makers anticipated by mostly interviewing former (and current) datafarmers. He compares their comments to Cultural Revolution "struggle sessions" (?!?), and claims they're just cynically monetizing their insider status while living in luxury. Which ironically, is exactly what he does:

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@strypey Hey, what's wrong with being a luddite!?

I'm a technology loving luddite, as little sense as that makes to some!

@alcinnz Me too. I read a book about the Luddites while researching my Free to Know or Free to Own conference paper. 'Rebels Against the Future' by Kirkpatrick Sale claims that the Luddites weren't against technology at all, but its uses by the rising capitalist class to oppress workers. If Sale is correct (and I think he is), then Stallman is the Net Ludd of the computer era.

#Luddites #KirkpatrickSale #RichardStallman


@strypey @alcinnz

I don't think Luddites were an uniform crowd - some might opposed specific use of modern technology for economic exploitation, some opposed just because they wanted it "traditional".

Just as today we have people opposing NWO, vaccines, 5G and data farming for completely different reasons. Some oppose vaccines because they believe it causes autism and other pseudo-scientific BS, some oppose it specifically because it reduces mortality and they believe in overpopulation.

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