@feld @feld yeah, sure, that's correct. That doesn't mean that introducing non-sterile GMOs into the enviornment isn't flat-out pollution

@alrs @feld

This is a common misconception - that some GMO plant can suddenly take over the whole area or something. This doesn't work this way - no cultivated plant is better adapted to the local biosphere than the local wild plants (we call them "weeds"). This is precisely why farmers need to put a lot of effort into weeding to keep their plants cultivated. Leave a nicely cultivated orchard for a decade, and it will all turn back into wilderness.

@kravietz @alrs @feld That decade timeframe is part of the problem. Look at all the government subsidized commodity farms in the mid-west growing GMO crops. It takes at least 5 years for the soil to recover and have the ability to produce something that’s not corn or soy.


@middlepath @alrs @feld

Many people thing farming is just like gardening, just on larger scale. It's not - farmers plan soil rotation for decades. And as already explained, *any* crops currently in use is GMO and has been for thousands of years. The fact that Greenpeace lobbied calling GMO developed after 1980 "the GMO" is just a manipulation.

Regarding soil etc I can only recommend Talking Biotech podcast as they discuss it all the time talkingbiotechpodcast.com/

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