The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

A reader comment worth noting:

"‘Lord of flies’ has direct link w Garret Hardin’s ’Tragedy of Commons’, Ayn Rand individualism. 6 Tongan boys demonstrated Elinor Ostrom‘s ‘Management of the Commons’ in which she debunked Hardin’s malign rhetoric. Too bad Ostrom (Nobel ‘09) is not basis of Economics courses"

@kravietz What a great read! Thank you for sharing. It was particularly sweet how one of them fashioned a guitar out of a coconut and some wires from their boat. :) makes me wonder if adult societies would also work after the apocalypse, or if I still have to worry about the Death Of Grass scenario

@kravietz Seems like charging them for stealing the boat at that point is kind of a petty move.

@kravietz this story is very whitewashed. Those Tongan boys (now older men) deserve so much better than this. Their whole culture deserves so much better than this.

Check out this birdsite thread for more background :


They do deserve but how she's talking about it doesn't help the cause to be honest. Essentially: you white boys suck and would die there, give me money, I'll write a better story.

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