As we remember the 1986 Chernobyl tragedy, it's worth also reminding that ~400 other reactors worldwide continue operate uninterrupted for the last half century providing stable and clean electricity.

Three remaining Chernobyl reactors continued to operate safely to 2000.Even after Chernobyl closure Ukraine's energy sector continues to produce electricity at relatively low CO2 intensity thanks to plants - today it's 240 gCO2eq/kWh while Germany is at... 230.

@kravietz My dad worked nuclear for 20+ years and was a big advocate. I was too growing up in a TVA family, but one of the very big concerns is waste. It's not as inert as people say, and it's encased in a half meter of concrete and most is still stored on site. Yucca Mtn will never likely never open. Waste will last tens of thousands of years. Look up "This is Not a Place of Honor" to learn about dealing with long term storage.



Also the radiotoxicity of the HLW goes down much faster than you could think because whatever activists are talking about, they'd always highlight the isotope with the longest half-time even if it's present at microscopic amounts.

Again, in reality only after 10 years the radiotoxicity of HLW is reduced to 30% of the original value! In 100 years it's 7% etc and it then goes asymptotically down to the background levels.

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