The true labor intensive projects we do are nuclear power plants. That's the only place I've ever seen a truly mind-boggling amount of workers, and there's a reason: nuclear power plants are heavily regulated; everything, down to a single pipe joint, has to be signed off on by an engineer. So you need shit loads of guys because of the purposefully-redundant safety measures. Which is a good thing.

But, along with all these traveling workers comes other shit: massive amounts of drugs, prostitution, and all manners of vices--I say this not in a classist way but as one of the workers who has heard--and seen photos from--the stories. The traveling fitter's life is a party hard environment (which makes sense when you have people working 7 12 hour days for months on end).

But, once the workers are gone, all of these services (which somehow I think aren't included in the job creation tally) disappear, along with the rest of the heightened economic activity.

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CryptPad v4.0 is now available on GitHub

Some highlights aside from the new logo and look 馃憞

You don't really need alt-right if your mainstream-left is as dumb as a box of rock.

Polish Left MP Ma艂gorzata Prokop-Paczkowska has just commented a massacre of 750 people in Aksum church in Ethiopia: "why did Catholic church even go there? why didn't they respect local beliefs".

Christianity is present in Ethiopia since 3rd century, and it has nothing to do with "the Catholich Church" which only split in 11th century.


HackerNews article:
Tether has been manipulating Bitcoin's price upwards for years now

#Bitcoin #Tether

Polish instances (as of now):

鈻 (strongly biased against coz of its TOS)
鈻玜 (pleroma, seems pretty nice, my most likely choice)
鈻玴 (unavailable, not sure when it comes back)
鈻 (strictly regional, idk if they want people from outside the region)

#polska #polski #poland #polish #mastodon #instances #fediverse

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"The pending disruption for DDoS-Guard and Parler comes compliments of Ron Guilmette, a researcher who has made it something of a personal mission to de-platform conspiracy theorist and far-right groups."

DDoS-Guard To Forfeit Internet Space Occupied by Parler

TubeLab (袩褉懈谢芯卸械薪懈械 写谢褟 胁褋械褏 褋械褉胁械褉芯胁 Peertube) -
袨斜薪芯胁谢械薪懈械 写芯 胁械褉褋懈懈 1.12.1

@vfrmedia that's from a Thames Valley Police letter they send to parents in Caversham regarding the recent murder. To be honest, I have no idea what they're talking about but I suppose there must be a totally toxic shitstorm now on Facebook now...

#OtD 21 Jan 1950 George Orwell, celebrated British author and socialist who fought against the fascists in the Spanish civil war, died. You can read his account of his experiences in Spain here:

馃嚞馃嚙 In Russia metadata can easily be bought and used to spy on people.

馃憗锔 What if governments, companies or stalkers were tracking you?

Only deleted metadata are safe metadata!

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Portal opr贸cz problem贸w z bezpiecze艅stwem, dost臋pem do bazy danych u偶ytkownik贸w i hase艂, ma te偶 polityk臋 prywatno艣ci, kt贸ra ma si臋 nijak do tego co si臋 dzieje na stronie. Ciasteczka i skrypty 艣ledz膮ce, dane wysy艂ane do Gemius i Google


The best fruit teas I've had so far 鈥 I just brought them from Poland but should be available on the Internet. Made of actual fruits, like 40% raspberry or 30% pear (plus all the usual filler like hibiscus and apple).

hentai, rupol, russian court, the funniest shit, i cant believe this is a cw either 

im fucking losing it the russian court is watching lesbian hentai on an anime piracy site and then complaining that this doesnt have an age restriction


Slack has entered the Matrix: Element builds a bridge to realm of encrypted, decentralised comms


please someone tell me a mastodon client that i can use to replace web mastodon, so it will be a bit faster than (see previous toot), it needs to work on ubuntu 20.04 lts

look, comrade granddaughter
you asked what is fucking nothing


You say Bernie isn't a "real" socialist, then why is he quoting Marx's letters to Engels in this ad?

friendly reminder that:

- you do not need to think someone is the scum of the earth to block them or mute them
- being blocked or muted does not mean you are a bad person in any way shape or form
- you have a right to surround yourself with people you enjoy, indeed, you have a right to happiness
- people liking you doesn't mean you are a good person
- you liking something or someone doesn't mean that that thing is good

it is a misconception I think a lot of people hold, and it's not truth.


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