Müller-Lyer illusion is a good demonstration how you should *not* ultimately trust your senses and intuition. Human brain has hardwired heuristics that can be very misleading. Being aware of them and training to avoid bias however allows you to take decisions based on facts, not biased perception.

The YouTubers who exposed an anti-vax plot - BBC News

A mysterious marketing agency secretly offered to pay social media stars to spread disinformation about Covid-19 vaccines


Hello! Scholar.Social is excited to host the second #SummerSchool, a free, indisciplinary online academic conference - roughly spanning 7/26-8/4 🌞

We'll be looking for: people to help organize, moderators for the presentations, and presenters! Stay tuned for more details 👀

You can check out past presentations here: summerschool.scholar.social/

Hello!! #SummerSchool is open for participant signups :BlobCatSurprised:

This year we have talks about delightful computing! philosophy and Star Wars! online communities and neurodivergence! and more!!!

Come to class: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

(graphics by @csepp)

Coming soon: 2021-07-26 at 5:00 PM UTC

@werekat presents:

Descriptivity as Counter-Ideological Narrative: Writing History in Soviet and post-Soviet Ukraine

Sign up here! docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI


(Graphics by @csepp)

Fork Awesome is a Libre font project which has hundreds of useful icons that anyone can use. You can follow at:

➡️ @forkawesome

The project's website is at forkaweso.me

(As its name suggests, it's a fork of the original Font Awesome project. Unlike Font Awesome, Fork Awesome does not require javascript.)

#ForkAwesome #FontAwesome #Font #Fonts #CSS #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #WebDesign #WebDev #WebDevelopment #Productivity #SelfHosting #Dev

This 😂

A Georgian company manufacturing condoms (!) with pictures of Stalin, Putin, Kim Jong In and, as I understand some religious leaders, won an ECHR complaint against Georgian gov (!) which fined it $162 under charges of immoral (!) advertising (!)


Exciting progress on making #Gitea full-blown member of the #fediverse

With 5k Euro already available for #foss contributors, a grant application to get #funding is being prepared.


#NGI Atlantic.eu is a likely grant to apply for, stimulating cross-atlantic EU/US collaboration.

#Golang developers once again take note!

This is your opportunity to work on a great project and part of initiative driven by #fedeproxy that'll focus on federating even more code forges.

Dzięki @mkljczk dowiedziałem się, że ten bęcwał pojawił się na Mastodonie. Co przyświeca ludziom, którzy rozpoczynają karierę w sieci społecznościowej od wyliczenia jakichś swoich straszliwie kontrowersyjnych poglądów, które nikogo nie interesują? Dobromir, weźże już lepiej idź na jakiś Onet czy Wykop, będziesz tam miał więcej kliknięć i engejdżmentów.

Opowiadamy o otwartej, sprawdzonej w boju technologii, która pozwala przejąć kontrolę nad tym, jak czytamy wiadomości online


#TIL The oldest seafloor is under one of the smallest seas: the Medeterranian.

That's the relict remnant of the Tethys Ocean, and parts date to 280 million years ago.

That's a stripling compared to the oldest land rocks, found in the Jack Hills region of Australia and dated to 4.39 billion years ago, only 150 million years after the Earth itself formed.

Continents tend generally to be older geologically than oceans, due to how tectonic plates move and evolve, with oceanic plates typically subducting back into the mantle after only a few hundred million years.



RT @future_is_meow@twitter.com

Фейсбук напомнил что четыре года назад я был в Нью-Йорке, и был свидетелем диалога уровня "криминального чтива" при попытке оставить прокатную машину на паркинге в Бронксе.

Just to add to the irony, at the same day Russia also ignored ECHR ruling and deported pro-opposition kickboxing champion Aleksey Kudin to Belarus...

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And the second major CDN outage in a few months is also affecting 0% of the websites I want to visit.

Russia filed a complaint to European Court of Human Rights against Ukraine, accusing it of discrimination of Russian-speaking population, war crimes in Donbass etc. And this is great news, in many ways. Firstly, because this way Russia confirms it respects ECHR jurisdiction. Secondly, because an in-depth evidence-based approach is what the conflict absolutely needs, and many of the Russian claims will actually reveal facts inconvenient for both sides.


Hey, #Fediverse, do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

Why might have voiced his opinion on Pegasus recently? Russia, where he lives, not only has its own Pegasus-like products it uses for internal surveillance but also exports them, so NSO is kind of their competitor


Please boost.

I am helping with a CyberSec class for high school kids. They are faster than we thought and we need some more CFT/exploitable services we can have them hack on if anyone knows of freely usable challenges. Password cracking, SQL injection, XSS, buffer overlows, etc.

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