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Facebook now publicly praises privacy, but in court they present a different message saying “There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy” & "You have to closely guard something to have a reasonable expectation of privacy." Um, no.

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Сегодня задержали редактора дагестанской газеты «Черновик» Абдулмумина Гаджиева. Его обвинили в участии в «Исламском государстве» и финансировании его деятельности.
По таким статьям ему грозит срок до 20 лет; завтра его, вероятно, арестуют.

В постановлении о возбуждении дела нет абсолютно никакой конкретики о том, что сделал Гаджиев. Еще там упоминаются десять человек, из которых журналист знает только одного — он брал у него когда-то интервью.


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ℹ️⚖️ I silenced

The reason is that there already a lot of alt-right people on there, cause there is no real moderation.

Why not suspend

Cause there are probably also many people who still think Purism is trustworthy. I don't want to cut off those people from So if you see a lost soul on please tell them about the real face of Purism/

Alt-right/nazi/fash scum can be be reported for suspension of course

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Hey, how about instead of trying to jury-rig a reliable transport protocol on top of UDP to make HTTP faster, we just put less stuff in sites? If you make HTTP faster, sites will just get even more bloated.

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Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

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I'll have to bookmark to recommend to people looking for ReCAPTCHA alternatives:

Great overview of the topic! And the sheer volume of links he had for hated that service is was amusing.

A nice rant about

TBH I made two attempts to use IPFS but it... just doesn't. Using protocol on the other hand I was able to make a working website in ~5 mins

Here's a good, comprehensive article I found on challenges of rail electrification in UK and it comes out I'm not the only one "standing in a haze of diesel" and wondering why it didn't work

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@paulfree14 @axx @StuC @rysiek If there were legislation that Facebook must use open protocols such that users on Facebook could communicate with other systems not owned by Facebook and be fully interoperable then suddenly there's no reason for me to be on Facebook because I an still keep in contact with a few people on there without having a Facebook account. Siloing is the main reason that Facebook retains its power. Deteritorialize Facebook and see what happens when its in an open environment.

Ah but what about Gmail, you might say. Gmail isn't fully interoperable with other systems due to its increasingly selective blocking of any email server not run by another megacorp. They havn't completely destroyed email, but are moving towards siloing "confidential" emails.
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Facebook launches app that will pay users for their data

New app comes months after Apple cracked down on Facebook for similar apps that paid users for extensive data on phone usage
A new Facebook app will allow users to sell the company data on how they use competitors’ apps.
Facebookannounced Tuesdaythat it is recruiting participants to download its new app Study from the Google Play store. Once it is downloaded, it will transmit data with Facebook on what other apps the users have, what features they use, and how much time is spent on them.
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Hey, it's only 2019 after all! :) Most railways in my home Poland were electrified like 40 years ago...

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