- a free open source operating system designed for security and to protect user privacy, has decided to add to their official social media. I came across this yesterday from a post on their forums asking about it. That post seems to have been quickly deleted without a reply.

The project is built on and is well integrated into , working with and on other host OS. It has been one of my preferred ways to use the network over the past few years.

I've followed Ray Dalio's (founder, Bridgewater hedge fund) opinions on the for a few years now. His new opinion piece made the rounds on our discord, and I thought it was on point!


You've been waiting patiently and here it is - a "past year" filter for DuckDuckGo search results! Previously the maximum time length was one month - we've now upped that to 12

Just signed up for a Calyx Institute calyxinstitute.org/about membership! Supporting projects like Canary Watch for warrant canaries, Tor nodes, keeping XMPP alive, privacy education, and more!

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