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Funny how the second men are told what to do with their bodies there are protests on the streets 🤔

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With #privacytoolsio shutting down their gitea instance, you might want of #selfhost your git forge from now on.

If you want to exchange about what might fits your needs, how to setup things and how other people handle some situations and setups, might join the git hosters rooms on matrix:

See you around :blobfoxwave:

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The people who are protesting to have the quarantine lifted... Are doing exactly what happened during the 1918 pandemic and then twice as many people died during the second hump... so if we want three times as many people to die overall then we should lift the sanctions early... So no we should not lift the sanctions.


Upgraded to Mastodon 5.1.3... Let me know if y'all run into any issues :)

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“Protecting Your Privacy With a Virtual Machine While Using Zoom” by @dngray is live and explores all sorts of privacy flaws with the communications software businesses seem to love! Read more on the blog:

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Dear PrivacyTools community, after a lot of work during the past few months, we are proud to present our new email page.

It now comes with a neat criteria section, and a ton of other information. Major shout out to our team member daniel for being the driving force behind this assignment :)

Go take a look and enjoy!


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Firefox – DoH enabled by default for US users:

– Today, Mozilla enabled DNS over HTTPS (DoH) by default for users in the USA.
– DNS requests are sent to Cloudflare by default. However, NextDNS can be selected.
– Trusted DNS resolvers are listed here:

#firefox #DoH #DNS #infosec #security #cybersecurity

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In case you need to email me, I have a new PGP key! Please download & sign & whatever: 0x6A957C9A9A9429F7

SURVEY: What (privacy-related) hardware do you use? (Please reply on one of the posts linked below if possible for you):
We are especially interested in mobile hardware, laptops, and security keys, but also things like routers, IoT stuff, etc...

Hello, good people of Mastodon!

I'm going to be migrating this instance to a new dedicated server tomorrow at 11 AM (Central Time) so uh, there's gonna be some downtime 😄

@kylejj thank you for your donation to PTIO btw, every time I visit our page this cracks me up lmao

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Oh, now I gotta post to have people interact with me? These are the hidden costs they don't tell you about when you sign the Mastodon contract

well I made an account because it seems like an interesting concept (and also to shill my blog posts) so if anyone also has one feel free to subscribe 😜

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Does anyone use Thoughts? (Just found out about it, know nothing)

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It’s the yearly “talk loved ones out of buying surveillance technology” day in The U.S.

Be kind, but informative when someone mentions they want a home automation system. #google #amazon


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