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Who feels like they “have no choice” but to use websites and technology from organizations they do not trust?

#privacy #trust #apps #technology
#infosec #work #family #internet

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Monthly review, October 2019:

– news: Simjacker (again), web browser support for TLS, important security updates
– tool: MinTOTP
– tip: processes/organization as an important part of InfoSec
– 3 questions/answers

#monthlyreview #review #infosechandbook #infosec #security #simjacker #mintotp

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Today is the day! I have a new book out and I think you should buy it!

@privacytools is now accepting tax-deductible contributions at! If you want to help us continue running this Mastodon server or spreading the good privacy word, this is your chance! Learn more at

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ECSM 2019 – Securing emerging technology (IoT) at home:

Nowadays, there are dozens of IoT devices available for private users/consumers. We present several problems with IoT devices, and ways to secure them.

#ecsm2019 #ecsm #iot #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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ANNOUNCEMENT: ThinkPrivacy is joining the @privacytoolsIO team! We will continue to bring you the best in privacy related software & services, now in partnership with one of the world's most respected privacy sites.

Read more about this partnership here:

@theprivacyfoundation if you are interested in syndicating that kind of content to the blog when you are ready to publish, let me know. We can discuss details. I would be very interested in helping spread your message, of course!

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This isn’t #privacy related, but the needs of humanity are above all else - Our small bubble of colleagues have already donated about 400 trees to the #teamtrees initiative to plant TWENTY MILLION trees by 2020.

Please consider donating.
Only $1 gets 1 tree planted.

+6 million have been donated in only three-ish days.

Keep the ball rolling until we hit 20 million!


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It seems that during our , we finally broke our 15 dollar goal on librapay, which means we will be able to fully run on donations! We now get a generous 18.11$ a week from 13 different patrons!

I would like to issue a thank you to all involved into making this happen, and a special thank you to our generous backers.

Now, lets continue what we do best at, and spread privacy under the masses.

Thank you, PTIO community!

P.s. here is the link:

@theprivacyfoundation very cool! Are you affiliated with any organizations/companies, or, who's behind "The Privacy Foundation"?

@theprivacyfoundation when are you planning on publishing your first guide, out of curiosity?

@Mayana hmm. Just updated Firefox (and I was running the beta before) and I haven't seen this issue at all. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if I find something out 😕


I'm not saying your privacy is useless if the Earth is gone... Well, actually that's exactly what I'm saying. So I'd like to encourage everyone to visit by & and actually *take action* to stop .


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