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More than 15 years ago, Onion Service (at the time named Hidden Service) saw the light of day. From today (July 2nd), the Internet has around 16 months to migrate from onion services v2 to v3 once and for all. ⏰

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@Tommy it is now open, I didn’t realize there was a cap to the total amount of users set last night 😆

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Please consider writing your hashtags in upper camelcase so screen readers have a chance at figuring them out.

#whyistayonmastodon sounds like an giant undecipherable mess of sounds.

#WhyIStayOnMastodon reads out "Why I Stay On Mastodon" 😄

(Reason #44 I stay here: my previous requests like this have been generally well-received, proving that most people are awesome.)

@mewmew what I need to keep in mind is that I (stupidly) installed macOS 11 on my laptop. Looks like it's working on Firefox on a Windows machine — maybe I don't actually have any problems with PeerTube at all 😆

@mewmew interesting, thanks, I'll go find another laptop...

@mewmew same error for both videos, for Firefox on macOS for me: "The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support."

@amolith because I am a domain hoarder. Let me know once your instance is up, I'll replicate your videos :p

@mewmew good to know.... that is unfortunate though. Do you know if that is just this setting, or is it something I need in the config file?

@amolith domains? I found it is best (mentally) to not count but if I had to guess... ~50?

Very cool. I don't know what kind of videos I am going to host yet. I basically set this up to be able to follow other people, and to setup video replication to help with the bandwidth of some other instance admins I know. PeerTube's video 'redundancy' setup seems pretty nifty.

@mewmew that is what I did I think... for a while I was getting CORS errors but that seems to have been fixed. Now in Safari (and Chrome I think) videos play for like a second and then I get a loading spinner (but I can see the video downloading in network requests and on the playback bar)... and in Firefox playback just doesn't start at all for seemingly no reason.

Thinking it is a transcoding issue now, still looking into it.

@mewmew well I'm doing it with videos hosted behind Wasabi S3 and BunnyCDN instead of on local storage which is really the root of my problems. Can't seem to get playback functional for... some reason. Not a video playback expert.

@amolith I'd love to only be paying for 19 domains 👀

Also, what are the odds? I'm setting up PeerTube right now, and it is my nightmare 🙃

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your regular reminder that censoring words l*ke th*s is actively counterproductive because it bypasses the filters that people set up for themselves

to take an innocuous example, if i use filters to block the word "orange", and you write "or*nge", you have now ensured that i will see a post that i have explicitly tried to get out of my timeline

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Massive shoutout to Techlore (of and YouTube fame) for sponsoring PrivacyTools 🎉 😄

As an aside, we've just reworked our sponsorship program starting at $10. If you enjoy what we do at PrivacyTools, please consider supporting us and our endeavors! Check it out at



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Conservatives: police are useless which is why I own a gun
People: ok, let's defund the police then
Conservatives: but then how will we be protected?
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