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Hey Reddit fans! The team will be doing an AMA on r/Privacy from Oct 25 to Oct 27! Prepare your questions and find our answers and more in two weeks 😁

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@mastodon39882 the protocol is "WebAuthn", however it does not authenticate you (i.e. it does not replace passwords), it's a two-factor mechanism like TOTP (i.e. it replaces apps like Google Authenticator or Authy).

@mastodon39882 This all really depends on your setup. The thing about Yubikeys is that they theoretically can't be duplicated, so as long as you get them back it's unlikely they can be used against you.

Unlike say your phone which is encrypted, but they can make an entire copy of the encrypted phone and brute-force that copy for your information for years after the fact if they wanted.

@nerdspar the upgrade broke iCloud in such a way that made me enable iCloud Keychain to get it working again, which seems suspect. But other than that it seems to be working fine.

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Account migration "easier than ever, and with 3.0 comes the ability to bring your followers with you like magic!" Thanks a lot! I think that's one of the most important feature for a decentralized network! #Mastodon

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I feel like a lot of people who are used to using proprietary software for everything just... don't understand how powerful their computers are or how much they could do with them if they weren't restrained to the well-known proprietary tools that get advertised more than better free tools.

@mike @switchingsoftware it was, but they not only disappeared but deleted all their accounts in the process so it was unclaimed. I figured it wouldn’t be good for some random party to register it and start advertising things or something 🤷‍♂️

@mike Actually I just registered that Twitter handle before someone else did and did less than helpful things with it 😬

The @switchingsoftware guy seemed legit though & was working with the original creator on the German translation so it should be good.

I am extremely happy that has responded to the community's concerns and have put in a lot of effort to make Synapse and Riot a more privacy friendly place 😄 — Very glad to recommend them again for group chats on


Someone give me a column I have *things to say* about how DoH is not the boogeyman and about Voatz changing their bug bounty safe harbor after the fact to justify turning over a student to the FBI and about how FB's e2ee is good, actually.


@connor I’ve actually been using it on my laptop for months so it’s not actually as big a deal as I’m making it out to be 😜

That being said the beta has been pretty great, although it seems like a lot of apps still are not compatible with the new requirements.

I’ve just been waiting for the final release to install it on my iMac. This will also be the first time I’ve done a Mojave to Catalina upgrade since on my MacBook I wiped everything. So we’ll see how that works out, 17 mins remaining...

@cleverdevil the beta has been pretty solid actually. What's making you hesitate?

Oh boy! Time to install a day 1 update on my main machine because I never learn from my mistakes 🎉

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Hi Fediverse 👋

let me tell you this: Thank you all for the feedback, wishes and support offers so far! I'm very optimistic that we will get this project continued together ⏩

Before the next big steps, I will take a break for a few weeks. So, might get a bit silent here. I'll try to visit once in a while but internet access could be rare sometimes 🏖

While I'm away, you may also have a look at @privacytools and their software section 📋

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Mark Zuckerberg would put a piece of tape on the camera and microphone of his computer.

At the same time he bought the 4 houses around his home to protect his privacy.

Anyway, !

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