Any new or instance operators looking to spruce up their timelines a bit? Feel free to join my relay server 👌

@Rediikid why do you need a VPN? Have you considered just using Tor instead?

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@danarel well even if you don't you can always setup mirror repositories! Good to have a backup plan 😃

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Ive just published my next blog in the Slicing onion series. This one is about how Tor relates to vpns and other tech. And its called: Onion recipes; VPN not required.

I hope you all enjoy it, and be sure to give feedback if you have any :)

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Good news! CFI is suing Walmart for selling homeopathic medicine, right next to medicine that actually works, needlessly endangering their custommers. I really hope they win this one.

@glitcher32 you could rent a VPS and not have to worry about arbitrary bandwidth/storage/whatever limitations.

If anyone is looking for a place to host their Git repositories or mirror any GitHub/GitLab projects, is now open for registrations! 😄

If any instance admins know how to get "federation with hidden services" up and working uh... don't hesitate to tell me how to do that myself 😅

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Privacytools on Reddit has 43,000 subscribers. Privacytools on Mastadon has 763 members and just over 300 followers. We need to reverse those numbers!

@WorldWideWebWizard Apple doesn't create the laws. Jailbreaking is perfectly legal regardless of what articles may claim...

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TBH lol @ people hating technology.

lol @ people hating Apple/macOS/iOS/iPhones/iPads/whatever

lol @ people hating Windows

just like... Don't buy it?

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Intelligent people know that privacy is not dead. WE ARE NOT ALONE! 🗣️

@one bro my email is fully authenticated, perfect spam scores, etc. It doesn't end up in the spam folder, no no, I get "To reduce the amount of spam sent to Gmail, 550-5.7.1 this message has been blocked." 😬🔫

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Boy, this is worse than I ever imagined.

At some point in time in the past we all pushed towards standards and flamed Microsoft for not respecting them (for example, IE6).

Nowadays, we don't give a shit about standards and unilaterally decide which standard to respect. Yet we keep complaining about incompatibilities and providers or services breaking.

This is not how the Internet works you guys. Standards should be the single most important thing you follow here. This is how we got here.

Alright, moved media assets for Mastodon to Wasabi (S3 storage) since we were running a bit low on space on our servers 😅

Let me know if you run into any issues now, but images etc should be loading from instead from now on.

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