Oh boy! Time to install a day 1 update on my main machine because I never learn from my mistakes 🎉

Questionable decision of the day, but I went ahead and got one 😬

"Jonah has 1 patron."

Huh, someone is giving me money. I wonder who it is, but LiberaPay won't say...

@dansup sorry to bother you again but if you could point me in the direction of any log files that'd help me with something like this that'd be great (can't upload images now even though I could before).

For some reason I just can't find where anything is stored 😅

@dansup quick question, any reason I'd get an error immediately after registration on my instance? (After navigating to another page and resending the email I'll get it and it works fine, but the verification email isn't immediately sent)

things I don't have time for 

oof, the 2019 MacBook Pro has been a part of the keyboard service program since its own release date. That's how you know it's bad.

It shouldn't even be legal for Apple to knowingly sell defective products.

*impatience intensifies* 😅

(jk we're very happy with our hosting but also I'm really bad at waiting for things)

Where are other instances posts? @cassolotl made a nice flowchart 😀

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