Ah, I'm so glad Apple has convinced me to buy not one, not two, but three laptops in a single year. Fantastic.

โ€œDo it for the gramโ€ is big boomer energy and really shows what kind of people are managing Mozilla these days

Killing my daughter to own the libs

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the right wing is a death cult

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does twitter know something about coronavirus i donโ€™t?

7 hours of downloading and updating later and I still can't get past this InstallAssistant.pkg Gatekeeper nonsense to install macOS Big Sur :( โ€” Time to call it a night, I think

Imagine repeatedly shooting yourself in the foot in order to use Gab.

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@micahflee@twitter.com No, it's not. Your arguments are weak and I've no interest in bikeshed debates. Sorry, I didn't intent hurting your feelings by ignoring you. ^PS

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@kylejj thank you for your donation to PTIO btw, every time I visit our page this cracks me up lmao

Today's Hacker Noon front page story: Long "Unbiased" VPN Reviews That Give You The Short End of the Stick [Deep Dive] hackernoon.com/be-wary-of-vpn-

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I'm not saying your privacy is useless if the Earth is gone... Well, actually that's exactly what I'm saying. So I'd like to encourage everyone to visit by @MrBeastYT@twitter.com & @MarkRober@twitter.com and actually *take action* to stop . teamtrees.org/

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5, 9, or 14 Eyes: Is your VPN actually safe? This blog post is about how the Swedish regulations canโ€™t force VPN providers to secretly collect data, which means it is impossible for any other government to do the same since we have none to give. mullvad.net/blog/2019/10/18/5-

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Oh boy! Time to install a day 1 update on my main machine because I never learn from my mistakes ๐ŸŽ‰

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