Killing my daughter to own the libs


the right wing is a death cult


does twitter know something about coronavirus i don’t?

7 hours of downloading and updating later and I still can't get past this InstallAssistant.pkg Gatekeeper nonsense to install macOS Big Sur :( β€” Time to call it a night, I think

Imagine repeatedly shooting yourself in the foot in order to use Gab.

RT No, it's not. Your arguments are weak and I've no interest in bikeshed debates. Sorry, I didn't intent hurting your feelings by ignoring you. ^PS


@kylejj thank you for your donation to PTIO btw, every time I visit our page this cracks me up lmao

Today's Hacker Noon front page story: Long "Unbiased" VPN Reviews That Give You The Short End of the Stick [Deep Dive]


I'm not saying your privacy is useless if the Earth is gone... Well, actually that's exactly what I'm saying. So I'd like to encourage everyone to visit by & and actually *take action* to stop .



5, 9, or 14 Eyes: Is your VPN actually safe? This blog post is about how the Swedish regulations can’t force VPN providers to secretly collect data, which means it is impossible for any other government to do the same since we have none to give.


Oh boy! Time to install a day 1 update on my main machine because I never learn from my mistakes πŸŽ‰

Questionable decision of the day, but I went ahead and got one 😬

"Jonah has 1 patron."

Huh, someone is giving me money. I wonder who it is, but LiberaPay won't say...

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