Why is it that once people reach a certain number of followers on a platform, they feel the need to comment on random issues they don't understand? 🤔

@jonah What if all people do that at some point in life, it's just that you notice it on those larger account due to the fact that they are larger?

Also there is nothing wrong with commenting on things. It's an expression of opinion which everyone is free to do at any point in time. As long as those people don't claim to be the authority to decide what's wrong or right, that's all fine.

@jonah the delusion of celebrity. With so many people ‘listening’ to you, this naturally means you have something of substance to say. No matter the topic.

@jonah "three-tenths are those who feel they must express an opinion in any controversy, two-tenths are those who play safe and herald any ’discovery,’ and one-tenth are those who understand."

Some people just want to be influential, in anything really. They seize at everything to try to have their weight known and recognized.

@jonah One thing I liked a lot about Ronald Reagan was that he tried to educate himself and tested his beliefs before just spouting them off. Regardless of where you stand on his other policies, I think that was a good one.

@jonah people do that celebrity or not, its just that you see the things that celebrities say

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