@jonah @techlore Nice! This is the first I've heard of techlore, but going through the free course now. While a little bit aged, it's all still pretty good advice, and I learned a tip or two I hadn't thought of before or heard elsewhere. Good stuff.

@jonah Why is your PeerTube instance federating with Luke Smith? Luke Smith's viewer base is almost entirely Gab people, is that the kind of content you want your instance's users to be exposed to?

@lesbianhacker don’t know who that is 🤷‍♂️ they aren’t hosted on our instance. Any examples of content that would be against our goals or CoC? I’ll check out that channel tonight.

@jonah Of the few instances that tube.privacytools.io follows, Luke Smith's instance is there.

He explicitly supports Gab and uses 4chan memes frequently, and this is one of his YouTube videos, starting off with a string of Nazi dogwhistles that when combined demonstrate that he's a Nazi. (it happens immediately)


He's also known for using his videos to bring tech enthusiasts over to the alt right.

His instance is video.lukesmith.xyz.

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