@jonah that discord logo scares me, as does the YouTube one.

@jonah wonder why? I get that roles are neat and all, but after all the articles on how terrible it is... for a privacy channel, seems odd.

@freddyym @jonah huh they already have a Matrix channel too: #techlore:matrix.org

@andreas @jonah I know. Why do they need to support Discord if they have a matrix room. All seems rather weird.

@marc0janssen reboots twice a day inexplicably but otherwise not significantly worse than iOS 13 lol

@jonah then I guess I will wait a little longer ;-). It’s tempting though

@marc0janssen yeah I’m just not wise enough to wait, I do this every year. I even installed watchOS 7 on BOTH my watches which probably can’t even be rolled back in an emergency 🤦‍♂️

@marc0janssen plus I rarely remember to reboot anyways so I’ll treat it like a feature, exploit prevention.

@jonah I am also tempted ever year. But I had bad experiences too. I try to wait since.

@marc0janssen nope. Only issues I can think of off the top of my head is the weather widget only seems to show Cupertino for me, and occasionally some apps will log me out randomly.

@jonah @marc0janssen I was having serious memory management issues on 13.5, apps reloaded every single time I switched to them, camera not working, ... and they all went away with 14. No reboots so far, over 24 hours later.

@maique @jonah but I guess if you did a complete reinstall of 13.5 , all your problem would have been solved too.

@marc0janssen @jonah So far it’s been a smooth ride. All the apps I need seem to be working flawlessly, I just found an issue with starting a shortcut from the widget. It works from the homescreen shortcut, not from the widget. Other than that, it’s been fine so far.

@maique @jonah the trouble is i have a OTP token on my iPhone which I need for working at home. If that baby dies i have a 2 hour commute by train tomorrow morning to work.

@marc0janssen @jonah Got it. Wouldn’t risk it either, specially right now. The closest I have are the VPN profiles, one for a camera, and custom fonts. They survived the upgrade, but they’re not essential, I could live without them for a while.

@maique @jonah but.... I have a spare iPhone 7 Plus. I could hook that baby up.

@marc0janssen @jonah Oh! In that case, why are we still talking about it ? Ahahahahaha. Go, go...

@maique @jonah yeah. First get some sleep. And that upgrade that iPhone. I wanted to wait for that first consumer beta but hey I just download that beta1 tomorrow and upgrade that 7plus

@marc0janssen @jonah Of course, didn’t take that into account. Forget we’re not all on the same timezone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Have a great night and good luck with it.

@marc0janssen @jonah We’re not that far then, one hour ahead of us. Checking back tomorrow to see how that goes. Have a great one.

@maique @jonah Well, I wait a little longer till the first public beta comes out. My customers can also start testen with that beta. No need for me to have this developer beta installed from the developer program. I just wait a little longer ;-)

@marc0janssen @jonah Nice! Not a long wait, I expect 😊 Soon you’ll have it anyway.

@maique @jonah bonus: to revert from a public beta is much easier than to revert from a developer beta too!

@maique @marc0janssen every time my phone reboots I get three Riot.im has crashed notifications which may have something to do with it. I’m also pretty sure I saw it reboot as soon as I got a notification from that app once, lol

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