SURVEY: What (privacy-related) hardware do you use? (Please reply on one of the posts linked below if possible for you):
We are especially interested in mobile hardware, laptops, and security keys, but also things like routers, IoT stuff, etc...

@jonah two Yubikeys 5 (because one could always be lost) with GPG keys on it, but without the master key, which stays offline.

If I want to access the master key (for signing others keys for example), I boot Tails on an old laptop (with an USB key).

@jonah I unfortunately don't have accounts there, so:

Phone: OnePlus One running Ubuntu Touch (waiting for Pinephone)

Laptops: 2x Asus running Manjaro i3-gaps (next will be System 76)

USB Storage: Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3Z and Aegis Padlock SSD

USB Authentication: Two unused Yubikeys, unused OnlyKey

Router: Custom 1u build running OPNsense (hardware option available)

Other: 10x Raspberry Pi's (2B/3B)

@jonah I used to use them just for password management at the time, which has now been replaced with Bitwarden and KeePassXC. I just had the Yubikeys storing a very large password at the time, and the OnlyKey was used to store multiple passwords.

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