Does anyone use Thoughts? (Just found out about it, know nothing)

well I made an account because it seems like an interesting concept (and also to shill my blog posts) so if anyone also has one feel free to subscribe 😜

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@jonah I've asked about it in the past, but nobody really seemed to know much about it either.

@jonah Pretty cool is that it's more freedome of speech oriented than safe-space oriented mastodon. But I don't use it really, just posting from time to time cause I don't like how it looks and it doesn't seem to have as many people interested in art. Hope you can get more feedback from somebody more experienced here.

@jonah eh, I'm not a fan of the concept really. But it's good to check it out

@jonah I kinda did for a while, but I bailed on it when they bailed on making it a federated style platform. Then my account got bugged and the admins just didn't respond to my support requests so I just forgot about it. I don't see the point of it honestly.

@CyberSocialist so far it seems like a social network, kind of a mix of Facebook and, but more privacy-focused, and it pays you for interacting & publishing content. Idk, you can see my page: seems like an interesting idea as far as monetization goes.

@jonah Hi Johan, I have it installed and have used it a little. It seems to be pretty cool, except I have not used it sufficiently and have not got to the stage of earning tokens

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