meta, bad moderation, 

glad to see an instance with 10 thousand users can't reach out to admins to verify basic facts or resolve disputes - anyone who is on, I'd recommend to leave and move to an instance that respects you more

if you have friends on and enjoy talking with them, ask them to move to another instance before you're also blocked off from communication for similarly arbitrary reasons

to be clear, I have received

NO reports from

NO emails from

NO pm's from

NO indication that there was any issue between our instances

how, exactly, am I supposed to resolve an issue if I have no idea an issue exists, and the first indication I get is that I'm already blocked?

meta, bad moderation, 

@mewmew lol yeah, my instance has been blocked a fair number of times by admins (of occasionally fairly large instances) that have never reached out or reported content beforehand. Usually because of one or two users. Per-user suspension exists 馃檮

This is why everyone should host Mastodon themselves. It isn鈥檛 the job of instance admins with large userbases to (usually preemptively) block instances they merely don鈥檛 like, but here we are. C鈥檈st la vie.

re: meta, bad moderation, 

@jonah Yeah - I think 100 - 200 users is the sweet spot but it's hard enough to convince users to join large communities, let alone small ones. I don't really see the benefit in suspending other instances, I joined this network to talk to people after all.
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