If you don't know where to start with keeping your browsing , start here: Our guide to Firefox privacy

@jonah "Unlike many other Chrome alternatives and forks," that's a bit strangely worded, imo. Gives a bit too much emphasis on Chrome, as though FF was also a fork of it. Browsers would work much better.
But apart from that tiny mistake, which's probably just my personal preference anyway, this's a very great post. I already do a lot of what it recommends, but seems there're still some things I need to look into. Thank you for writing it!

@jonah I remember once, I was downloading a copy of Ubuntu Linux and Firefox gave me a warning that someone was doing a man-in-the-middle attack. At that point I was very careful to authenticate the downloaded file and believe that Firefox prevented the attack. The take away I think is that regular people get targeted by malicious people and we need FOSS that is independent that organizations like Mozilla provide.

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