Who feels like they “have no choice” but to use websites and technology from organizations they do not trust?

#privacy #trust #apps #technology
#infosec #work #family #internet

This might be an interesting share to non-federated systems for those that are still on Facebook, Twitter, etc...

Please feel free to share outside of Mastodon.

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@theprivacyfoundation 94 votes so far on my Twitter poll, surprisingly different than your results here! Products working better takes the lead.

@theprivacyfoundation yeah, it's done. 50 more votes, but virtually unchanged from my last update. I wonder if "works better" took the lead because Twitter is a more feature-mature & closed platform, whereas the Mastodon users from your poll might be willing to put up with less features in exchange for a more trustworthy platform 🤷‍♂️

@jonah Thank you for sharing that! There could very well be a perception shift based upon the platform predominantly used by the voter. Still, very interesting results.

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