Questionable decision of the day, but I went ahead and got one 😬

@jonah It would be useless of me to get one, since I plan on switching to a samsung galaxy s10+. Which isn’t the greatest option, but I really want to try something else other than an iPhone.

@WorldWideWebWizard the S10+ looks nice. I haven't found a good alternative to Apple HealthKit and HomeKit though. Plus I don't trust Samsung when it comes to security and update practices. I had an S7 (their flagship at the time, of course) that received updates MONTHS after it should have. I wonder (but doubt) if they're any better.

@jonah That is the problem with lack of update control. Each manufacturer is differs with their security policies.

@jonah I hear it makes a nice "tink" sound when it clatters on a table.

@jonah Monzo have an ethical stance I’m more impressed with. Why not try them? :)

@CyberSocialist I don’t use debit cards. And for banking I’m already with Simple :)

I think Monzo might be UK-only too.

@Joshua uh, I would say it's "as advertised". It *looks* good, in true Apple fashion 😆

@Joshua I just don't use Apple Pay that often, and if I have to use my physical card I wouldn't use this one because I get better rewards from NFCU and Discover.

It has some features I'd like to see other cards implement like on-device processing (so Apple can't see transaction data) and the lack of a printed card number, but as a product it's just an average card.

@jonah Will probably wait a little before I get it for myself.

@Joshua it's really only "great" if you're building credit (they seem to be approving most people even with low scores/income). Or just want to do all your banking on your iPhone, I guess. 🤷

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