Anyone want to help with some somewhat tedious tasks? 😆

I'm trying to add i18n support to the site so we can get some translations up! But it means I need pretty much every English string to be copied to a separate file to be translated. Info @

@jonah, I can help. can you give permission to me to check in? I made a small edit to browser-addon.html and the en.yml. If that is correct I'll keep at it.

my git hub ID is @yeet647.

@Yeet can't find your account: (?)

Do you know how the pull request functionality works? If so you can submit PRs to the i18n branch on the repo and I'll merge them in ASAP 😃

@Yeet seems like it! I'm not actually able to add users to push to this repository but if you do your work in a fork I can merge your commits in to the branch 😃

@jonah - hey, thanks for patience. I'm new to this.

Check out change below and make sure I have the pattern correct. If so I will continue my cut and paste mastery to support the cause.

@Yeet 🙏 Thanks! Two quick things. 1) I want to use underscores instead of dashes/spaces in en.yml. 2) I forgot to mention and this is my bad but the {%t tags don't actually work in the include cards.

Take a look at what I did here to work around that ( and then here ( and tell me if that makes any sense to you. I'll add that info to the issue page.

@jonah thanks for the example. I think I got it and will give this another try.

@Yeet I updated the issue if that's more helpful at all. Otherwise this is fantastic! Thank you for helping out 😃 I would have been very sad if I had to do *everything* myself lol

@jonah I wrapped up browser-addons page -

What is best way for me to notify you as I complete additional pages?

I'll keep fetching from the i18n branch to pick up other changes

@Yeet thank you! You’re wonderful lol

You can either leave a comment on this issue and I’ll handle it when I get a chance:

Or, you can open a Pull Request here: (when you do so, make sure you change the branch from “master” to “i18n” at the top, like the screenshot in my issue).

@jonah I’ll follow up with the pull requests. I should have some more updates tomorrow.

@jonah hi - can you update issue 1106 with the pages that still need to strings replaced with tokens? I'm ready to support the cause with my copy/paste skills.

i see some of the pages, like android add on, are makred as needed tokens in the issue check list, but the source file looks like it's already been tokenized.

@jonah btw - I found some pages that need tending to. I'll resume with the self contrained network and self hosted cloud pages.

@Yeet updated! I think that was the only one that hadn't been checked off. I'll also bring the i18n branch up-to-date with master in a couple minutes.

@jonah darn... I just created the account and see it was flagged by github for some reason. let me get that sorted. brb.


Framatrad, a part of the @Framasoft project, is an open instance of Zanata, a #floss collaborative #translation platform which might be something you could leverage for your project?

#traduction #Übersetzung #traducción #tafsiri #help

@jonah Hi,
Problem with mail confirmation link when subscribing on your Weblate instance.

The mail is not sent. Can you please activate my account : ButterflyOfFire.

Thanks !

@ButterflyOfFire did you check your spam folder? I'll check in a couple hours, although we currently don't have anything on Weblate to be translated. That's coming soon! 😃

@jonah Yep already checked :)

Ok, no problem, see you soon 😋

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