Regarding spam: Should we make this Mastodon instance invite-only (with invites available from any existing user or from me if you email me directly)?

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@MasTorDon maybe. The issue with that is after registering you'd have to wait to be approved AFTER registration, which I think will discourage people from using the accounts (so we'll end up with lots of unused accounts). Whereas with invites you'd have to wait BEFORE registration, but then have instant access with the invite. So the people that actually use the invite are more likely to then also use the account.

@jonah when the account gets approved the welcome aboard email gets sent. So maybe less interested but not forgotten.

@jonah I would advise agains invite-only. This makes it much harder for people to join. Confirmation e-mail makes it very close to any other normal service out there.
Just my 2 cents

@croqaz that is (IIRC) what we currently do, but we still get spambots and fake accounts fairly often ๐Ÿค”

@jonah I see. I guess I forgot about that since I joined.
But if you put your e-mail out there, can you control the amount of spam you'll receive, from bots trying to get invites?
Also, how could someone already in the server send invites? (is this feature in Mastodon already?)

@croqaz Yes. Go to (or open your preferences and click "Invite people" in the sidebar).

I can tolerate receiving email spam (email is already listed at anyways), I just don't want spam in the timelines lol

@jonah Inviting sounds good, I had no idea.
Just one more question though: if someone doesn't know me (for example) and sees my Mastodon account and wants to ask me to join from my profile, is that possible?
Or the inviation happens offline and we exchange e-mails there?

@croqaz no. If someone wanted to join they'd have to know someone on here already. So like you could give an invite link to your friends/family if they wanted in.

If they really don't know anyone on here they would also have the option to shoot me an email which I'd list on the homepage, and then I'd send them an invite myself. Sort of the way Riseup does it but less strict.

@jonah @croqaz

FWIW I just joined, entire process took maybe an hour, keep it the way it is.....invite-only might be too restrictive.

@jonah my gut feeling is there are better ways to control spam.

@jonah I would advocate for invite only. The instance may grow a bit more slowly but it's quality over quantity.

@jonah This is annoying, but having to e-mali or ask someone is going to discourage people from registering

@jonah So do you intend to make it invite only or do you intend to go based on the results of the poll?

I am not a fan of invite only but whatever you have to do as admin to moderate your instance, that is something that at the end of the day only you know what is best.

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