Finally got a Pixel 3 and installed πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

@jonah I've been debating doing that, but it would be on my only phone, so I'm hesitant... You'll have to share your experience!

@OneSubtractOne so far it's fantastic! I'm very jealous of Riot X on Android compared to the app on my primary iPhone :(

I'll have to use it a bit more and write a longer blog post or something.

Congrats! Been running it on my Pixel 3 XL for awhile. It's awesome!

@jonah are you worried about the potential data list issue when appids are renamed? Im thinking about updating to graphene this myself

@russell it's kind of annoying but nothing I can do about it. It should only affect system apps, not user apps.

@jonah I'm still a little sketched out by the whole thing, threatening to quit the project doesn't sound like a healthy environment

@russell honestly that's what I'm starting to think now. Micay seems like a very talented developer who appears to have very little understanding of his actual community and their skillset.

Honestly what he really needs to do is hire some developers, I know he has sponsors. And if the sponsors aren't enough, the project probably needs a better business model.

@russell which is why fundamentally Copperhead was a good idea. They should be selling pre-flashed Graphene phones and a support plan. It's an obvious market and there was no reason they had to screw that up originally.

But maybe we're seeing why Copperhead died in the first place. Unrealistic expectations?

@jonah COOL! Is this the phone on which you use the Aurora store? Please post a review, once you have some experience. Not only with the OS but with all apps you installed. Would be interested in trackers, data leakage to big tech, etc.

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