Hey-o! Just want to say if you're enjoying our Mastodon server, our Matrix chat, or anything else we're doing @, I would really appreciate it if you'd consider donating any amount towards our costs 😄

We're currently spending around $60/month on servers and other infrastructure, and we'd like to be able to pay our team more in the future! We prefer but there are many other contribution methods at 😅 Thanks everyone!!

@jonah Thanks, for the great job. I am really enjoying you work. I`ll donate something. Let`s hope I won`t forget it.

Following up, how close are we to covering costs right now?

@ben_dw we're pretty much covering costs currently, taking into account one-time transactions like crypto donations, but I would like it(/would feel better) if we were covering costs from recurring donations alone (Liberapay/Patreon), because that'd be more predictible and I'd think about it less.

Maybe we'll have to put together some Patreon rewards lol

I think you have some people happy to volunteer on this instance? Maybe an more full explanation of how you keep this instance secure and what makes it different would get folks to understand why they should support? (happy to proofread :)

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