@jonah Sadly yes, Weebly I really need to stop using tho. They're a HUGE risk in many ways. I need help with a hosting place. I use free hosting tbh. Self hosting a site would be nice but idk how.

@glitcher32 can you make a website? GitHub Pages? Or do you need like WordPress hosting or something?

@jonah Something that could host a website that isn't just some text or basic HTML page. Something that could host a login area and maybe SQL database.

Here is another site: glitcher32.ml

@glitcher32 if you need some hosting get in touch I have literally so much server space lmao

@jonah But you would make me pay and all that hassle and its not worth it to me when i know its possible to host for free somehow.

@jonah @glitcher32 Btw, I'm banned from your website. Your security system is fucked.

@BurungHantu @jonah Its probably because you're using a VPN/Proxy/ect....

If you feel it is not, then DM me the IP address youre trying to use on the website and ill review it for you.

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