uh why does only support *five* instances? That's ridiculous.

I also can't count, it supports a whole six instances. Whoop-de-doo.

@jonah because you have to speak to Keybase and get your server whitelisted. It’s one the worst things I’ve ever seen be added to an open source project. Decentralisation going with centralisation? Okay LIMOW

@valiant that's literally the dumbest development I have ever heard.

@jonah yeah I remember them talking about it on Github. I’m not sure if Keybase has changed it but yeah, bad design choice if you ask me

@jonah I bet you're the first one (and only ever?) in Mastodon history hitting that limit 👍 😂

@BurungHantu is isn't a limit of how many accounts you can verify, it's specific instances :(

@jonah yeah I got excited when I saw the update today, then was like wtf

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