I'm looking for a new search engine, what's the best one out there right now?

@jonah i use startpage and duckduckgo. but i would also like to know if there are better alternatives

@absturztaube those are the two I hear the most... I've used DDG in the past but their results aren't the best IMO (although I do love their "opennic servers" instant answer).

I haven't tried Startpage yet, is it any good? I'm not sure if I totally trust them, but user consensus seems to be they're OK.

@jonah i don't trust startpage more than i trust ddg. startpage is simple and has no special features (like the instant answers of ddg) but it does its job IMO.
@jonah there is also searx which looks quite interesting. but i haven't tried it out yet so i can't tell you, if it is any good

It's more trustworthy than DDG (it's not based in the US), but I would be lying if I said it was easy to read through the results.

@FriendlyGecko @jonah ya, it's sketchy that ddg is us based. i only use it in terminal based browsers since the lite version of it works pretty well in w3m or lynx

@jonah @absturztaube
Startpage is pretty good: Google results without the tracking.
Searx is also pretty good. It is open-source and gathers data from many different sources.
DDG is kind of sketchy (look up why on Reddit) and uses mostly Yahoo and Bing results. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I like qwant.com, has browser addon too. I don't think there is a best. I still find bing.com best for image searches. Searx image search is horrific, but otherwise good for web search. I find qwant a good middle ground.

@xioren00 yeah.... I think I'm going to get my own searx install setup. Seems like the best route.

@jonah @xioren00 Searx is indeed the answer. One searx instance stands above the rest: searxes.danwin1210.me. It filters out CloudFlare sites, making it the most privacy-respecting search service in existence.

@jonah Have you tried Startpage.com? Here's an article by gHacks News on how it just beat Google in a "German Consumer Reports" test: ghacks.net/2019/03/28/startpag

Other privacy-friendly options include DuckDuckGo and Qwant.

DDG and Qwant deliver mainly Yahoo /Bing search results in privacy. Startpage delivers mainly Google search results in privacy. All add some additional sources for things like Instant Answers.

@jonah I have been using #DuckDuckGo almost exclusively for several months and rarely ever miss #Google. It took a while to stop the habit of Google searching something in a private tab, when I felt like was getting bad results. But it turns out the results were rarely much better on Google. I mostly do workaday searches, so for heavy duty web searching, YMMV. And you should research their privacy reputation, to verify it meets your needs.

@jonah I find startpage.com results to be very good.

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