Where are other instances posts? @cassolotl made a nice flowchart 😀

@jonah @cassolotl That does help a lot to understand. It would be nice for new users to have a search feature that reaches out to all instances to look for people with similar interests or hashtags. for example to look for people all over networks and connect with them.

@BurungHantu @jonah So the federated timeline is what shows on this page if you're not logged in? Is this a setting that the admin can set? Just curious since this is not the case with the instance I use:

@Forcen @BurungHantu that is a setting the instance admin can set. It can either display the federated timeline or the instance's local timeline. I think this one shows federated (I believe that's default) because federated typically has more traffic and therefore looks more inviting, I guess?

@jonah Thanks that's really helpful - right now i'm looking at wave upon wave of avid cat noise everywhere, trying to filter it out.

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