What do you thing?
is the OPERA TOR project really secure? firefox is very ressource hungry but was called "the only browser that works" by some privacy sites

@sporks Yeeh - you alone decide what birthday it is :-) Like there was a black women in front of me in the row disappointed in the service and said: "I wish you a day you deserve - let karma do its job to you".
Nice move isn't it? I thought: Its britney bich! ;-)

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@derPUPE Where did you get this! Put this down! Now I have to memorize a new number! AGAIN!

@sporks It is your birthday and you are alone on friday night? I think there helps no boost ;-) Birthday dude

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no offense coffee drinkers but coffee taste just tastes bad

@one Do you watch movies or series or somthing? Some to recommend?

@one @jonah I am in an age where I should have learned to "hold a glass" . Just water but. Hell now - fucking water!!

@one @jonah Fuck no, now i am litrerally wet. Dropped the glas... For fuck sake.

I AM NOT ENTERTAINED AT ALL!! Maybe I am go down and have to watch bobs burgers...

@one @jonah

One i want to be entertained and you come with your old watergun.. β˜„οΈ I am enter'pissed

Like if thats a thing. Like if you switch through the tv and there is nothing in.

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