Good joke, but could have done without the comment.

Yeah I missed that feature too, but I didn't personally find it a dealbreaker. The other features were just too good to miss out on.

Sadly, it was

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Wikipedia: "The measles vaccine is effective at preventing the disease"
Wikipedia: "Smallpox was eradicated by a massive international search for outbreaks, backed up with a vaccination program, starting in 1967."

Is there a list of all the things that website can use to fingerprint you? I'm constantly learning about new ways to fingerprint

So how is this different from other Searx instances?

Depends on the circumstances.

I just don't see the appeal of text browsers. The web was made for multimedia in mind.

Probably reduced eyesight and changed brain patterns.

Trump is a known pathological liar who has often kissed Putin's boots, drowned himself in scandals, associated with many corrupt (now convicted) people, and engaged in shady interactions with Russians. People are not deluded by "illusions". They see through the bullshit and have placed fair skepticism in this scandal. Don't talk about Mueller's investigation as if it somehow exonerates Trump, because it didn't. There just wasn't a smoking gun.

Thanks for the recommendation! I will keep that in mind.

Yeah, I feel like they get a bad wrap for audio quality, price, and the need for charging, but man are they super convenient! Not having to deal with those stupid wires is such a godsend and makes it completely worth it.

On a side note, are there FOSS alternatives to Kickstarter or IndieGogo?

I try to kill time by browsing my phone or do some work on my computer. Which usually prolongs my sleeplessness.

But isn't the i3 command for syncthing really short? For me it is "exec syncthing" and it works.

I'm just waiting until I start my job so I can start paying for such things as VPNs :/ Right now I am sticking with a free ProtonVPN plan.

I use Arch too, btw. And yeah, it's definitely a rewarding distro.

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