@Wetrix @TheDoctor but they're more thorough with their app store which is great for the lower chance of malware in there and terrible if they make some bad decision. you can sideload and use altstore, though!

@Wetrix @TheDoctor apple has concerned me with their past actions, like the phone slowing you mentioned, error 53 and repair price gouging compared to independent repair stores.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat the sexualised children thing was a lot more prevalent when it was just musically.

@disturbedmt nice! don't bother with what i tried, though. it wore off super fast

@ElfLord dogs are on the same level as us. they deserve human toothbrushes

hey fediverse, there's this matrix room called 'teen programmers'. self explanatory, it's a room for teen programmers! but anyone can join.

:matrix.org, dude

@ElfLord nick is right. the quora answers are right. you can go beyond being strangers in no time! here is how:

1. disable the hindsight
2. make subtle hints over a period of time, each one increasing in creepiness
3. be alone with the royal undressed
4. sprinkle some authority over your logic to cripple it for the moment. douse your victim in authority like the milgram experiment wasn't enough
5. traumatise both of yourselves
6. you will be strangers again shortly after
7. profit

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