@duck quack quack quack
@bcow moo moo moo (minecraft cow dialect)
@imabritishcow@mastodon.lol moo moo moo

hey fediverse, there's this matrix room called 'teen programmers'. self explanatory, it's a room for teen programmers! but anyone can join.

:matrix.org, dude

chad forkman.isageek.net server:
- linx 1010l, a tablet pc with fedora installed
- 2gb ram
- intel atom cpu or something
- after getting cockpit, webmin, fiche and caddy 3GB was left. i couldn't finish building dendrite because there was nearly 1GB left of space
- no thermal improvements
- as much uptime as the battery and charger say

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unchad ptio servers:
- probably something designed to be a server
- actually viable for multiple services
- more than enough ram, i think
- reasonable cpus
- can run synapse
- fans
- as much uptime as jonah and blacklight447 say

@Morgan woah dude how's your birthday? i saw someone wish you a good one

Quick reminder, your privacy is fucked if you're using stock iOS or Android and your security is fucked if you're using a ROM like Lineage or especially a mobile Linux OS. The only way to have a private and secure phone is with a verifiable mobile operating system like Graphene or even Calyx.

the radius launcher wallpapers make pretty good banners. i used this one.

kek mozilla should stop tolerating facebook. they are a real threat to the free thinking of its users.


@wub so there you are. hi.

there are some fediverse instances that have a common interest, like mastodon.art, freethinkers.lgbt (pleroma), and social.expcinema.org (they love 'avant-garde film'). you can check those out for things you like flor just search, i guess.

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